PrimaLuna Prologue Three experience

I recently acquire this wonderful unit. Before I made the purchase, I tried to find out how good it is. To my surprise, there are many people interested in it, but it seems not too many use it, or post review or feed back. I can only find 1 review on 6moons, and several user feed back on So, here it is, hopefully it can help on whoever looking to purchase this unit.

I start off my journey with a Denon receiver. It never appeals me. Then I decided to try pre/post path and bought an Adcom preamp to try. It is much, much better than the Denon receiver, but it sounds harsh at the highs. Then I tried a Rotel, it is not as harsh, but at the same time, it sounds dull and flat, not musical. Doing some more research, I tried the Audible Illusions L1. It is a very good preamp. It is musical like the Adcom, but not harsh, and non-fatiguing. I feel my money is well spent, and I thought I probably hit the sweet spot, meaning, I will need to spent a lot more to improve the sound further.
After happy and satisfy for some time, the upgrade bug bite me again. And I like to see the tube glowing in the dark, so, I decided to try this PrimaLuna Prologue three based on the limited reviews. When I plug it in, all I can say is wow!

It is very, very obvious that it sound better. With the stock PrimaLuna tube, it has bigger sound stage, more lush sound, clear and detail mids and highs in the vocal, tighter bass, and non-fatiguing sound.
Now I am trying to do some tube rolling and see if i can bring it to another level. I am happy with this unit. Sometimes I spent hundreds of dollars on cables, DAC, even power amps, I can't hear any significant improvement. I feel my money is very well spent to get such big improvement by getting this unit.
Of course there are other brands that are more expensive. The next too on my list is Cary SPL98 and Supratek. I feel I am at the sweet spot now, not sure how much those will improve the sound.
If you are thinking about this unit, and the price is right for your budget, grab it. You won't be regret.