PrimaLuna Prologue Premium vs Luxman SQ-N10 ?

It might be a slim chance but I have to ask - has anyone ever compared the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium integrated amplifier against the Luxman SQ-N10 integrated (SQ-N100)? I have the SQ-N10 and am having the PrimaLuna shipped out to test. I decided to give it a shot as I feel like the Luxman might have a slightly higher musical center than I want, and it might just be because it’s 10wpc (though I have done extensive tube rolling and am very happy with it in general). Hoping the 35wpc in the PrimaLuna (among other things) will take me where I want to be.

Anyone have opinions?

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I'm currently selling a PL Prologue Premium. The unit I have has low level hum. When I received from former dealer in New York (who swears he tried it "with every speaker in my shop and it didn't hum") I noticed the hum but thought it normal for mid-level tube equipment. So be sure to listen for hum in your unit.
@dweller Thanks for the word of caution. I've heard a number of folks saying the unit is dead quiet, so I'm wondering if your unit is defective. Is this hum present on all source selections? And does it sound like a ground hum or tube noise?
@dweller also, what speakers are you using? 
I have owned the PL Dialogue and now the Premium model and never heard a hum so I guess the unit was defective. I'm quite pleased with PL products since they are well built and sound great.

Let's us know your results with the comparison.
I used the PL Prologue Premium with KEF dynamic speakers and high efficiency Klipsch La Scallas. The hum is there in both cases although more pronounced with the Klipsch. The hum (60 hz I’m guessing) is constant, in both channels, and does not vary with volume or electrical circuit (yes, I've tried a cheater plug). It occurs on all inputs. If I had to guess, I’d say that some shielding was omitted during assembly. I’m planning to send to Upscale Audio for evaluation (unit is under warranty). I’ve heard from multiple PL owners who claim their units are dead quiet. I hope this is a fixable fluke.
Dweller, I'm planning on purchasing a PL amp from UA in the next month or two. Please update us how the service with PL warranty and with UA. If they give you are hard tome, I'll move on to something else

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Hey @dweller quick question for you. Is the hum in both channels or just one?
"The hum (60 hz I’m guessing) is constant, in both channels, and does not vary with volume or electrical circuit (yes, I've tried a cheater plug)."
So I got the ProLogue Premium Integrated yesterday. First impressions are overall pretty good, where the musical center is slightly lower than the Luxman SQ-N10, which at 10w feels pointed just slightly higher. The PrimaLuna definitely shows more weight or warmth in the vocals.

@ronrags @dweller Question for you guys. What were your impressions on the bass response of your PrimaLuna when you first got it vs how it changed over time? I feel like it gives more oomph than what I had with the Luxman, though it is looser and not as well defined. I'm hoping it tightens up and becomes more defined as the tubes break in, but I'm also most likely going to upgrade the tubes anyways.
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No hum at all on my end with the PrimaLuna, and I am powering high efficient Tekton Lore speakers. The Tekton does have great bass response so it might be that pairing with the PrimaLuna is giving too much bloat on the bottom end. I'm used to having very tight, articulate bass. Again, hoping the tubes break in nicely to do this. 

@dweller you mentioned that you bought yours as a demo unit, so perhaps your tubes and unit were already broken in, giving you the bass performance you're getting.
Playing through my Thiel 2.4se, I thought the bass was outstanding. Deep punchy and full. This from speakers not known for their bass output. The midrange was primo, as one would expect, but the treble was strained. BTW, have you checked for any hum from the PL? As I type I'm listening to the PL connected to my KEF Ref 201. I still hear some electronic artifacts -a "buzz" from the mid/tweet and 60hz hum from the woofer. These are VERY low-level and can't be heard unless ear inches away from drivers. If you have normal hearing and your unit is stone silent inches away, well, God bless you...  
When I almost have my ear up to my speakers I have literally no hum or noise coming from the PrimaLuna unless I literally cranking the volume to 3 or 4 o’clock (like 90% up), and my source is a Cary Audio tube DAC, which could also be adding the minimal noise that is there. Granted, both sources are plugged into a PS Audio Power Plant P3, so my noise is probably minimal. I’m also using psvane TII 12au7’s instead of the stock driver tubes. I also have some psvane grey bottle EL34s coming my way, but until they get here I am using the stock power tubes.

I do get more noise when playing vinyl but that is due to an MC phono stage with seven tubes, so that's understandable.

I have a Ray Samuels tube head phone amp, and also a Herron Audio preamp that demonstrated hum issues until I changed the wall outlets , new industrial grade outlets ($5 per) solved the problems for me. Might be worth a try for you 
@dweller I too have replaced my wall receptacle with a Hubbell cryo'd outlet, and the sound improvement was noticeable. I'd recommend @facten 's suggestion.
Really, the artifacts are so low (with the KEF REF 201) I don't think there is a problem. But I'll keep the outlets in mind! Note: I was using the PL with Klipsch La Scalla speakers (105 db efficient). Hum was MUCH more pronounced. A pity as the Klipsch is WHY I purchased the Prima Luna.