Primaluna Prologue Premium Intgtd Amp - Matching


I'm planning to buy the PrimaLuna Prologue Premium Integrated Amp to drive my Focal Electra 1028Be speakers. I am a bit concerned that with their 35W/channel, the Primaluna's might be a little underpowered for my Focals. Does anyone have any experience or reccomendations on how these two perform together ?
Personally, I would want more power with these speakers. The sensitively is good but the impedance drops to about 3ohms. If you have a small room and listen at a moderate level to smaller scale music, you will be fine, but you will be limited with only 35 watts.
Not your exact speaker or amp question but I drive a pair of 1007Be's with a Cary SLI-80 in Triode (40 wpc) with no issues and have plenty of volume ..........
You may want to Consider the Primaluna Prolouge PL3 and PL7.
I think it would be a very good match. Also theres a used PL3 listed.
I have used the Prologue Premium Integrated with Magnepan 1.7's since March...I believe they are 86db efficency and run about 6 ohms. I detect no real power lack comparing to how I used the modified Hafler DH -200 I had before. What I have discovered is that the pre section rolls off the lowest bass compared to a CJ PV10A pre feed into the home theater inputs. I also use the 4 ohm speaker outputs with the Magnepans for better definition. And in all fairness I am not a heavy metal fan... my db level stays between 70 to 95 db in a 20 x 24 room. No doubt better gear in the $2K + source range would stress the system wattage more for dynamics and lower bass but at that point it wouldn't make sense to use a $2K integrated when your integrated doesn't match the source quality. Since the Focal speakers are 91db efficiency your wattage needs are less than mine.
Note that Prima Luna is having a sales on the Dialogue Premium Integrated... I'd strongly recommend stepping up to that for the better transformers and hopefully a more detailed pre section than the Prologue Premium Integrated.
Not to dissuade you from your original choice in integrated amps, but you may want to check out Mystere instead. You get additional head room regarding power. This is the "high end" division of the same company that offers PrimaLuna products.

I own the Mystere CA11 preamp and really like it. I traded in my PrimaLuna preamp for the Mystere and have never looked back.
Thanks all - I decided to take the plunge and went and bought the Primalunas Prologue Premiums - and am loving every small bit ! The Primalunas Prologue Premiums drive the Focals beautifully, and especially enriching jazz, vocals and classicals.

I find the treble/high tones a bit harsh when listening to rock (A/C DC BAck in Black), but perhaps I need to provide for a little more of burn in.

Again, thanks for all the input - would be happy to keep you posted on the progress here.

PS : I am based in Singapore....

the PL tends to be slightly forward in the highs but because its tubes that adds no irritants, just a different tonal balance. It is extremely revealing, so you may be taking a layer off your source and seeing a problem that was covered up before.
My experience with break in was basically that the amp got more dynamic, better sound stage as it broke in but tonal balance didn't change.