Primaluna prologue premium integrated and magneplanar LRS

There are a lot of forums on Magneplanars and the power required to make them singing.  Very often hundreds watts are mentioned as a prerequisite to a good listening session.

I have a 35 watts/channel tube amplifier and my LRS are connected through the 4 ohms binding posts.  I go to classic concerts once a while and usually the sound pressure level in a live concert is similar to what I hear in my living room except for pipe organ music or huge performance as in Mahler symphonies with 400 singers, 200 musicians and a powerful organ.

Maybe my amplifier walks on an elevated rope but I don't feel, I should write, hear any audible stress from the amplifier or the speakers.

We should remember that to get the sensation of a system playing twice as loud, you will need ten times the power.

If high fidelity is the aim of sound reproduction, having a performance much louder than in the reality is a caricature.
Glad to hear of your experience with the LRS.  I’ve been considering trying a pair of them with my Prologue Classic......Listening to more than a fair bit of jazz, esp. jazz vocals and am consigned to placement on the long side of a narrow-ish “living room end of a living space/kitchen” type floor plan...
Good to know...So how good is the LRS on the Prologue? I'm considering the Prologue Two.
I never understood those posts insisting  the need for gigawatt, high current amps.

For audio kicks, I thought about getting a pair of the LRS for my PL HP. Are they still at the introductory price-$650?
A sub or two would make up for the LRS bottom end, and put the pipe organ in your room.