Primaluna Prologue One + Sonus Faber Toy Towers

Hi everyone,

We just bought a pair of Sonus Faber Toy Tower speakers in barred leather for 900EUR which in Europe is a steal price. We love them but now comes the debate over which amp to get. The guy who sold us the speakers (with a heavy heart might I add) also has a Primaluna Prologue One tube amp and claims they go incredibly well together. After reading some reviews on the amp and learning a bit about the specifics of tube amps we are inclined to consider his offer: he wants 600 EUR for it which I think is fair in like new condition.
My question is, do you think in terms of power and general attitude the sonus faber will go well with the primaluna? 35 watts should be enough I guess since they are relatively easy speakers to drive.
Another question I have is, would it be easy to connect a passive subwoofer to the tube amp? I'm thinking of the REL T3 as a decent option.

We want to use this simple setup as our only audio option and connect it to the PS3, TV and extend a RCA/3.5mm cable in order to connect iphones etc. Do you think the tube amp would suit for this purpose. I know it has 4 analogue inputs so it seems like it shouldn't be a problem but still just asking to be sure.

Thanks a lot in advance. I'm a complete newbie here so any comments are greatly appreciated!

cheers from Belgium!
I am using the Prima Luna PL 5 power amp (similar specs to PL2 integrated) with Opera Plateau floorstanders and love the combination. Running EL 34 power tubes. Opera and Sonus Faber are voiced pretty similarly. I think you will be fine with the PL1. 600 Eur for the PL1 is a good price for mint condition.

Best regards,

Thanks Rich, nice to hear a confirmation on the price as well. Getting the Primaluna on Sunday and very excited. Currently I'm running the Toy Towers with an Onkyo A-9155 so I cannot wait to hear the difference. These little speakers seem to have so much potential...