Primaluna ProLogue Five VS. Classe CA-150

I've been using my Classe CA-150 for awhile now and like it quite a bit but I've always thought tube amps were cool, do you think I'd be happier with the ProLogue 5?

I have a small pair of bookshelf speakers which aren't exactly efficient, and I do listen to electronic music quite a bit. I'd be okay with giving up a little bit of overall volume for more quality.

I would like to change things up and go for more warmth, bloom, romance if you will, but I don't want to be disappointed if I make the switch and find that I can't turn it up very loud and the bass becomes bloated or sloppy...

What do you guys think??
Sounds like you have some decision to make. You want to have your system sound potentially better, but you don't want to risk disappointment. Which is stronger? Your sense of adventure, or your fear of failure? You will have to wait until one urge overtakes the other urge, no one can make that decision for you. Only you can decide. Have fun.
Lol, dang it J, that was of no help!

I wanted a straightforward answer, not some deep philosophy. I may actually put that on my wall, not even kidding, "Which is stronger? Your sense of adventure, or your fear of failure?".

Honestly though, you hit the nail on the head. Problem is, I have made deceisions in this audio game that were steps sideways, or even backwards, and it also cost me money to add insult to injury.

I would have to plunk down a possible $200 in order to make this switch, and then I'd probably be looking at some upgraded tubes ($200 more).

Hmmmm, what to do, what to do!
Consider before you buy a tubed amp is how well it matches the needs of your speakers AND how well it interfaces with your pre-amp. Two items that are missing from your post and are rather essential bits of information if you expect any meaningful comments.

My experience with a Prologue 5 - I connected it to my ARC SP10 and the bass took a vacation driving my Paragon Jubilee/Gems. I inserted a PL 3 in place of the ARC and the bass returned, sorta. A bit dry and shy but OK.

While I endorse a change to tubes if possible, I wouldn't buy this PL amp without hearing it in my system first.
01-16-14: B_limo
Honestly though, you hit the nail on the head. Problem is, I have made deceisions in this audio game that were steps sideways, or even backwards, and it also cost me money to add insult to injury.

I know what you are saying B, we've all been there. The problem is that all of this is highly subjective, so what works great for one is a disappointment to another. Personally, I prefer tubes, but I know a lot of others who prefer solid state. Am I wrong? Are they wrong? Nope. Sometimes in life you just take your chances, sometimes things work out, sometimes things don't. However, just because something works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you, and just because something works for you doesn't mean it will work for someone else.

My advice is that if you are concerned about the possibility of losing money that you cannot afford to lose, than don't take the risk and simply enjoy what you have. Do not gamble until you have the disposable income to do so.
If you can tell us what speakers you have and what the impedance and sensitivity of your speakers are we could probably help you more.

The PrimaLunas are good amps and can probably have enough power for you but likely at the cost of some control in the bass. The net is full of reviews of them you could get a good idea of whether it is worth giving them a try by reading what reviewers have to say about them with a variety of speakers.
Get the PrimaLuna you wont be sorry as the sound is very wide and big soundstage with plenty of warmth and detail.The classe sounds very clean and tight a very nice amp also. But If your set on trying tubes then get the PrimaLuna it is an amazing sounding amp and about as cheap as you can get for entry into tubes.
A 36 wpc amp with KT88 Output Tubes, bet it sounds nice but we're flying blind without knowing the speaker and it's specs.
Sorry guys for not giving more info...

Pre amp is a lightspeed attenuator

Speakers are some Jamo D830 In wall speakers installed in a sealed box. They aren't very efficient.

I don't mind giving up some volume if I can gain warmth, bloom etc.

I'm pretty happy with my current set-up, I just want more body, kinda like a thick creamy cappacino but I don't want to lose my tight bass or midrange inner detail and I'd like to gain some sparkle and high end extension... Maybe too much to ask for with my ineffecient speakers and the Primaluna Prologue 5?
Tube amps are more fun. There, I said it again.
LOL! Man B_limo, you want it all!! More warmth and bloom, AND more sparkle and high end extension too??? Good luck brother!! Great taste AND less filling, yeah right. Don't believe the hype, you'll only set yourself up for disappointment.

IMHO, the Classe CA-150 is waaaay more amp then you need for those speakers. I wouldn't bother changing amps unless you plan on changing speakers too.
Wolf, there are things I like about tube amps. For instance, ghe sound, the ability to change the sound with different tubes, the tubes glowing, the cool factor... I'd have to agree, they seem to be more fun.

Jmc, I know, brother, I kind of do want it all, you're right...
Look up the Jamo D830 Concertos; those are pretty much my speakers; I don't think my Classe CA-150 is overkill at all (and overkill is always good for me :-)

I do understand though that a more efficent speaker would be better ( if only I had the $, I'd probably get those Tekton Cats Meow here on A-Gon ($700)-no affiliation.

Anywho, speakers seem to be what I change quite a bit. 11 pairs in 2 years, so maybe I could get some tektons or zu's or omegas or...?

Another thing I was thinking is I can ask the seller if he'd let me demo it for the weekend before choosing...
I agree that the sound of amps is an important part if the whole "amp thing."
The CA-150 came out almost 20 years ago, if you like it a lot, maybe some new caps and a servicing will get the sound you want...
Picked up the Prima Luna tonight, initial impressions are "wow".

I wonder if you tube guys are keeping this a secret so you don't have more people buying up all the nos tubes.

Again, wow!
B limo,
Congratulations, is this your first time experience with tube amplifiers? I ask because you seem very pleasantly surprised. A good tube power amplifier is hard to beat for truly involving music reproduction. Glad you gave one a listen.
Hi, Charles!

Thanks for the kind post. Yes sir, this is my first tube amp and I'm really enjoying it. I can't believe the bass I'm getting, and the soundstage has become a little wider and more 3D, not alot but still pretty noticeable. The bass is night and day different, and it isn't muddy like I was worried about.

A few songs gave me my first taste of Liquid mids too :-)

Now its time to have some fun with rolling tubes!

Oh, and it looks really cool at night. Must say, I loved my Classe CA-150 enough that it was the longest lasting piece in my set-up this far (16 months) but so far I'm enjoying the PrimaLuna more.

All smiles here!
Congrats B_limo, I knew you would like it. ;)
Thanks J! I must say, what you said about "is your fear of failure greater than your sense of adventure" is something that has played over in my head everyday since you said that, and I'm going to apply that to experiences far greater than my audio hobby, so thank you. In all honesty, my sense of adventure has always outweighed my fear of failure, I just never thought about it before. You putting that out there for me was the ultimate decisionn maker for me, so thank you!

I honestly did not want to do anything today other than keep listening. I've probably putin a good 8 hours of listening today and it felt like 30 minutes. I even postponed a date by an hour so I could listen some more (I love you, honey :-)

Two other qualities I've noticed now, with a bit more seat time, is that it has breathed life into my sound, life that had disappeared with the addition of my current speakers. I had good detail, non offensive sound that really did everything well, but it sounded flat, dead, lifeless (if you've experienced this, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The second quality I've noticed is that "lit up in front of you" sound. Another sound quality thats hard to describe untill you've heard it.

So, am I happy with this change? You bet I am! And I made a new friend along the way (Kevin Obrien, from Y.F.S. - Thanks for everything!).

Sorry guys, I'd stay longer but I have some beautiful music to get back to!
Thank you B, I'm glad that I could be of help. It's encouraging to know that someone takes what I say to heart. Lord knows that my wife and adult children don't. ;)

Enjoy the music,