PrimaLuna Prologue Classic Question!

Is the transformer compartment (?? behind the tubes) of this integrated amp supposed to be hermetically sealed or give the appearance of being so by a plastic type shrink wrap??!  I’ve had this wonderful little amp for several weeks now...been playing it for multiple hours nearly every day without so much as a hiccup and then, just this evening while dusting around it, noticed the sheen of some sort of clear membrane covering the entire rear metal enclosure including ventilation slots.  The unit was demo’ed and sold to me in this state.  There is no mention of anything akin to this in the owner’s manual.  Maybe it’s supposed to be that way???  Of course these discoveries are always made when everyone is closed for the evening.  Does anyone know if this is a common thing with these this anything to worry about?  Thanks.
If your PrimaLuna amp is anything like mine, that clear plastic cover is just for shipping and should be peeled off. Again, if it is like mine, it will only cover the top surface, not the sides. 
Thanks very much, whostolethebatmobile! The situation with the plastic wrap on my amp was just as you described.  I’m hoping no damage was done in the couple of weeks I was running the unit until removing the plastic today...everything still sounds fantastic for now.  Hoping that, if this is any sort of potential overheating hazard, PrimaLuna will be more proactive about alerting customers to it....especially nearsighted ones like myself that might not notice these things until late in the game!
Should be ok. The plastic would not trap enough heat to affect anything inside.