Primaluna Prologue Classic

There's a lot of love around the interwebs for the Premium, but very little for the more affordable Classic. 

Any feedback on the classic and whether its worth putting in the sub 2000 dollar pile of integrated amps to look at? 

The Prologue Classic is essentially an upgraded Prologue 2. Plenty of positive reviews, do a search.

I used a Prologue 2 for many trouble free years, and went  the PL food chain to the Dialogue HP. The only possible negative no remote.

PL build/quality is on the level of top level,high dollar gear. Unless you're stuck on the "Made in USA" thing, highly recommended. More versatile than other price comparable brands.

Since sonics are subjective, I would say sound quality is somewhere in the middle(not tubey/not SS sterile) and speaker choice will get you where you want to be.

Also can be tweaked to personal taste with tube rolling.
Prima Luna does one thing that I can't ignore. It's the point to point wiring. Compared to practically anything else, it can last a lifetime. Also, for those companies that do use circuit boards, there are big differences in quality between one board and another. It is something to consider.
Had a Prologue 2  for 13 trouble-free years . Not so much as a hiccup the whole time .
Traded up to a Dialogue Premium...same experience .
With tube rolling it can sound pretty much any way that you want it to .
Hard to beat for anywhere near the money .

Good Luck .