Primaluna Prologue CD Player?


I was wondering if any know about or have heard the Primaluna Prologue Classic CD Player? I have a Primaluna Integrated Amp and was looking to get a CD Player, so it would seem to make sense to look at the Primaluna CD Player.

Does this CD player (and most other audiophile CD players) play CD-R' discs? I have a lot of burned CDs and wondering if this cd is inferior to a regular CD.
Once you burn and finalize a cdr to be Redbook compliant, it doesn't matter if its a cdr. It should play in any Redbook player. If you want to put something like flac or mp-3 files on a cdr and play them directly, that's something else. You'll need to check the player for compatibility before you buy it.
Actually, it may well matter, depending on the format you used. For example, my EAR Acute will read a WAV file from a CDR, but it does not recognize Windows Media Audio. So it's a good idea to check the compatibility before you buy anything.