PrimaLuna Prologue 8 -Tube Rolling Recommendations

I recently purchased a Prima Luna Prologue 8... I would be interested to know what other owners have done in regards to getting improved results with tube rolling. Thanks.

Other equipment:
Salk Song Towers (with LCY ribbon tweeter)
Dodd Preamp
Quad 909 amp
The Absolute Sound, Aug '08 reviews the Prologue 8, and discusses recommended tubes for rolling and their effect. I have not tried this, but plan to in the future. I have the 2nd IC upgrade, and I have a HiFi tuning fuse installed.I have tried Black Diamond Racing, Vibrapoint and caarbon fiber isolation points sold by Music Direct. I prefer carbon fiber points at this time. I do plan to try the Mk 4 Black Diamond Racing points, as I only had MK 3's. I plan to upgrade the PC to Cardas Golden Reference. A disc tray mat might also be considered.
I am very happy with the Prologue 8, and recommend it to anyone considering a CD player in this price range, or higher.

Thanks for your feedback. I was also considering the tubes suggested (NOS Mullard CV 4003/12AU7 & Sylvania gold pin 5751) in The Absolute Sound review, but the tube distributors that I have contacted stated that these tubes are hard to find and extremely expensive. Do you know where I might be able to find someone who has these particular tubes?

Also, What is the 2nd IC upgrade you are referring to and where did you purchase the HiFi tuning fuse?
The review describes the two IC upgrades. My unit came with the IC installed. You might find the tubes on Audiogon. You may have to wait a while, but eventually most everything shows up on Audiogon! You could try posting in the Wanted section. HiFi tuning fuses are available at Music Direct. Ask for Mark. He's very helpful. They also sell some tubes.