Primaluna prologue 1 + Thiel 1.6

After some research and some listening I decided to buy a pair of Thiel 1.6.

I liked the pairing with a Primaluna Prologue 1 but I read and was also told by a dealer that the power of the Primaluna would not be enough for the Thiel (note that I'm listening in a medium sized room for the time being). Even though I did not have this feeling listening to it I'd like to have second opinions as I'm a newbie audiophile.

Would there be someone who experienced this pairing? Any other recommendation to go with the Thiels?

As for the source I'm looking at the new Cambridge Audio 650C but I'm also considering moving directly to a NAS with a logitech transporter.

I've got the Thiels 1.6 paired to a Pass Aleph 3 pushing 30 watts into 8 ohms, doubling to 60 watts into 4 and 2 ohms.

The volume is adequate in my 15 x 20' room. I would be probably be very well serviced by 150-300 watts.

Fo now, it's pretty good, but the volume will not effortlessly get to the levels I'd like.

Short answer; 25 watts peak of tube power will be insufficient
L Audio,

I have Thiel 1.5 (predicessor to the 1.6) paired with a VAC PA90D series mono blocks (50 watts triode/ 100 watts ultralinear). I have a small room 16 x 14 and the 1.5 is 86 db with a fairly linear impedance. The VACs drive the Thiels easily. The 1.6 is more efficient but a high impedance swing around 100 hz that combined with the high output impedance of the Prologue amps might make these not a good match. You could call Kevin @ Upscale and ask his opinion. You can always try them and see how they work.
Thanks for your advices. I'm going to try another route. I'll probably go and listen to the Creek Evo 2 and the Myriad Z142 or may be the cyrus 8xpd (for the usb input).
I have the Thiel CS1.5 and paired it with a Pathos Classic II and YBA Integre integrated amps. Both worked very well. However, I like the Classic II a little better.
Go the other route. To sound their best Thiels need plenty of quality power.