PrimaLuna Premium Integrated vs Dialogue 1?

Anybody had a chance to listen to the two side by side? I have a demo unit of the Premium Integrated, and I am wondering what else you get (sonically) for the extra couple hundred with the Dialogue 1.

It seems the Premium Integrated takes a lot of the features of the Dialogue line, so other than triode mode, I'm not sure what is different at all. I did notice the weight difference is huge, so apparently the transformers are massive on the Dialogue.

Also, what is different between the Dialogue 1 and 2 that can account for the cost differential? Some Solens and KT88's? Anything else?

look here for a comparison of the features

The Dialogue 1 would have better low bass and speaker handling than the Prologue Premium because of the heavier transformers. However the bridge in its power supply would make it slower on transients than the fast recovery diodes in the Prologue Premium. You would have to look at the Dialogue 2 for a no compromise improvement. I do like my Prologue Premium very much ... the teflon caps I put in the pre section have finally broken in so that I can retire the CJ PV10A I was using through the home theater inputs for pre since January.