PrimaLuna Premium Dialogue integrated amp with B&W CM9 speakers

I currently own a pair of Bowers and Wilkins CM9, first generation speakers. I've been easily driving them with a McIntosh MA-6850 150 WPC solid state amp. I'm thinking about selling or trading the McIntosh in for a PrimaLuna Dialogue integrated amp, either the Premium or the Premium HP. I really don't need the headphone section in HP; I have a Woo WA6-SE dedicated headphone amp. From the specs it appears that the only other difference between the Premium HP and the Premium is power, of which the HP has double, in both Ultra Linear and Triode modes. The listening room is approximately 20x15 feet. My other objective is to make the B&W speakers sound a little less bright and more musical. I think that listening in Triode mode would accomplish this. My gut feeling is that the 20 watts of Triode power in the Premium amp will not be create enough headroom in the CM9s; I listen to music at moderate to loud voulume levels. I do not have a subwoofer. Any opinions or comments in regard to this will be appreciated. 

I think that the B&W speakers are the troublemaker here. Consider replacing them.
Check out the Primaluna manual . I do not recall the exact verbage used . Something to the affect of triode actually doing well at high volumes . Something about ultalinear at low volumes has added weight . Similar to the loudness button on older receivers . Both settings for me had no difference in volume output capabilities with my equipment .
I may be incorrect but thinking that ultra linear operates much like push pull operation in tube amps.
I tend to agree with replacing the B&Ws. I'm considering the more neutral Adagio speakers from Acoustic Zen.
I really wanted to avoid selling the CM9s as I do not have the original boxes. Shipping floor standing speakers in anything other but the original boxes can be a potential problem. 
Was just hoping there was an outside chance that the PrimaLuna integrated amp, with the right tubes, could tone-down the B&Ws.
I listened to the Primaluna Dialogue one integrated with Bower and Wilkins 803 Nautilus . The sound was great . No harshness . Do not know how those compare to your model ....
The system maplegrovemusic refers to is mine. I moved up the PL chain from the dialogue one to the premium HP. Many will say not to use tubes with B&W speakers, but I have found it to be a good match. The HP is smooth and nice. You can adjust for any brightness by swapping out the two front input tubes. Even considering it in stock form, I don't think you will experience a bright sound. I love the Primaluna sound, and appreciate how easy they are for tube rolling. 
Soundermn, what differences did you notice moving from the dialogue series to the HP series? 
My other objective is to make the B&W speakers sound a little less bright and more musical.
What your trying to tame is inherent in the speakers.  Switching amps may help just a little but switching speakers will help a lot!

The CM9's simply may not be the speaker for you.  Soemopne else
I moved from dialogue one to premium HP, so it was really like three steps up the chain. I find it to be more refined overall, and obviously more power. I like that all the tubes are 12au7, so I can try different tubes in pairs and move them around to get a variety of "flavors".   I'm running KT120 now, and I'm very happy with it. I picked it for the higher power, plus I got a terrific deal on it.  Otherwise I may have gone with the premium. But I didn't want to wonder what if. 

It it was a good step up, with better electronics throughout. I would suggest compare the premium to the HP and pick what suits you and your speakers.