Primaluna PL2 which speakers would you choose...

Sorry for the boring question. Just wondering if the upgrade would be worth the money.

Meadowlark Kestrel 2 vs Coincident Triumph Sig. w/PrimaLuna Prologue II.

Gold Lion re-issue KT88s or EH 6550 and preamp tubes recommended to me by Jim McShane.

I currently have the Coincidents. Pretty happy with the sound. The Kestrels are going to cost me an extra grand (3X the price of what I already have).

However, aesthetically I like the Meadowlarks and will likely be my final upgrade budget/size wise. Spec wise/reviews seem to suggest it is what I am looking for.

1st order crossovers, ample efficiency. Non-fatiquing, forgiving, not picking with positioning and Phase/timing coherent design sounds intriguing. Not that I know what that means really, but they're a lot more attractive than the Europas.

I live in an apartment and low-level late night listening is important to me. Looking for tuneful base, effortless musicality, plenty of PRAT, glorious midrange, sweet highs etc....

Is it worth the extra money? The Coincidents are pretty decent.

All opinions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Incidently, anyone know what a used pair of Kestrel IIs go for used?
The question is less about the speaker choice and more about the listening situation.

How late in the night are your late night listening sessions ... 10PM, 12 midnight, or 2AM? The appropriate listening level goes lower as it gets later. It is 4AM right now and I am listening to my PL2 (with Spendor SA1 speakers, Rega Apollo CD player). The volume is barely above a whisper level and so most of the nuances and dynamics of any of the music that I play get lost. I live in a prewar apartment house in NYC.

See where am I heading with this ... will you be able to listen loud enough, late enough at night that any of this makes a difference? I appreciate my Spendors most when I can grab an afternoon or Saturday morning listening session. For my early AM listening, the Spendors are overkill.

Best regars,

I owned the PL2 and like you was also intrigued by the potential synergy with the Kestrel 2 based on reviews and user feedback. I ended up buying a pair of Kestrels and living with the pair for about six months. While OK, I was never amazed by the combo, ended up selling the speakers and going back to Totems, which I've always liked. I would recommend the Arro with the PL2 as a solid combination for the money. To my ears they're superior to the K2s in pretty much every area except the midrange where they're certainly their equal.
Would go with a speaker company that is currently in business.
Spendor,Harbeth, Reference 3a are all tube friendly.
Totem and ATC are also great speakers but a more difficult load to drive.
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Funny, actually the Arros were what I what I had always thought of using eventually. Just purely for aesthetic/small footprint, no need for stands etc, and some reviews.

However, my concern was their 4 ohm impedance and supposed "needs more power to shine" impressions.

I don't need them loud, and don't care about killer bass, but would like free flowing effortless sound. And for whatever reason, I imagine they wouldn't be good/forgiving of different musical genres.

I have experience with totems.. the mites... liked them but they could be fatiquing.

Anyhow, thanks for re-kindling my interest in the Arros. The price on them (used) is right. I had thought about Spendors and Harbeth and the Ref 3A De Cappos. Wattage, placement issues and price were my concern.

I like the Coincidents (just thinking that last night) so I'll just be patient and look for a deal. The asking price for the Kestrel IIs I was looking at was a little on the high side anyways.

I've been putting off seriously looking for speakers, but will have to sometime soon..

Also, I really need to get a better grasp of impedance curves and matching. I just know tubes should seek a flat impedance curve but really don't know what it means. Anyhow, I seem to like the sound of the 4 ohm taps on 8 ohm speakers.

Don't know what this means.