Primaluna opinions wanted

Happy new year!

Is the Primaluna brand a giant killer in the tube realm,or the flavor of the day and over rated?

Are the buyers mostly new to tube (due to the self bias feature) and tickled with what they hear opposed to the SS they most likey had?

inquiring minds want to know!

Thanks for any comments.
Primaluna amps, pre-amp, and integrated amps are cost effective and dependable units. If you like the sound/synergy with your other stuff. If.......

It is excellent product at a modest cost. It ain't a giant killer, as you put it, but then I think that 'giant killers' only exist in the minds of imaginative folks who envy the ability of some audiophiles to spend a lot of money for bling, sometimes more than quality perhaps, and invent a 'giant killer' catagory to justify their purchases, OR it is a term invented by manufacturers (and audio reviewers) which is nothing more than product puffery.

I will venture to say that is a Big Bang for the money.I'm not new to tubes (Air Tight,Viva,CJ,Jadis,Quicksilver-to mention a few).It responds very well to tube upgrades and I didn't feel that the purchase of Genelex/GEC NOS King Of the Triodes was a waste of $1200+.I hear the difference these have made.Could I be happy with "stock" tubes,probably but they are a little solid-state in nature
I have owned Peima Luna 3 preamp and pl 6 amp for a couple of years and have been very pleased with it. I am one of those who mooved from ss to tube. I have not regretted the move. However, those of us who enjoy great mudic are always looking for the ultimate in sound within the range of our resources. I have had a love affair with Mcintosh over the years, and in the last few weeks have been doing a bit of research and evaluation as to whether or not I could improve my sound by going back to Mc. I don't have th facilities to a/b compare. But so far I have gotten the word from those I have talked to who have made the comparison that there is not a great deal of improvement. This is comparing PL with somewhat comparable Mc. This is far from a scientific comparison. But for the price,I don't think you can beat the PL for pewrformance. Happy liatening. J.Notth1178
I have had the PL2 integrated amp for almost 4 years and the PL5 power amp for 3 1/2 years, so I don't view the PL offerings as "flavor of the month" products. For the money, the PL products offer excellent performance and equally excellent reliability. I have no desire to upgrade beyond them, because doing so would mean spending significantly more in order to better the performance.


They aren't really in the same league and are very different in all respects except for the remarkable quality of construction or "the build quality."
The PL feels like a much more expensive amp. It sounds like a typical amp in it's price bracket.
The Mac is twice the money and to me doesn't really sound like a top notch tube amp. It sounds more SS to me than other tube amps.
In any event you won't be confused about what the sonic signature of these amps.
Apples and Oranges!
If you want the Mac iron fisted control and slam you won't hear it from a PL. If you want a really nice 4 tube integrated that reeks of careful construction but sounds as you would anticipate for 2k then the PL is your choice.
Or if you want something that I bought for less than the Mac costs then be prepared to blow yourself away with Opera Consonance Tube Monoblocks called Cyber 800s. I have never heard such good sound period, never mind that they list for a breath under $4K.
As long as we are headed off topic,lets' increase the budget to say $5-6K.We might now include integrateds from Cary,VAC,ARC and amplifiers such as the small Jadis,some OTLs:Atmosphere,Berning,Navison,Lamm,the Dartzel,Soul amps,VAC PHI and Ren and I'm sure I have missed a few.
McGarick:What is the budget?Integrated or pre/power?Any idea what speakers will be used?
I have owned the Prologue 2 for a couple of years . It has been trouble free and somewhat of a cameleon with all of the tubes that can be used in it . Easily tailoring the sound to your desires .
I prefer it to the Cary SLi-80 ( less maintaince and better topend extension) and the Cayin A-88T (much less maintaince and better extension on the top). And it costs about half as much .

I have owned the Cayin and A/B it to the Cary . These two are actually pretty close to each other in sound .

And yes , the auto biasing is a definite plus and tubes sound better to me than SS . Especially at this price point .
The 7 monos are very, very good sounding, flexible (tube rolling), reasonably powerful, well built, and easy (auto-bias). No complaints at all. They are usually my tube amp of choice over the ARC VT130SE and Cary 805 and 300B monos that I also own.

I own the PL Dialogue Two. Have had it for about 3 years. It is driving a pair of Coincident (Extreme version) speakers. After much tube rolling of the 12ax7s and 12au7s (with NOS) and trying different KT88s, I feel this is absolutely the best sound for the money I have ever heard. Sources include the Prima Luna CD Eight (w/upgraded board and a full compliment of NOS tubes) and a Monarchy Audio DAC used with a mac itunes. IC and speaker cables are Coincident and DH labs. Top to bottom extension,huge 3D soundstage, unexpected bass slam and a glorious" real" sounding mid range. Highs are beautiful as well. Initially, the Dialogue Two sounded bright and aggressive with the Coincident speakers. Rolling the 12ax7 and 12au7 changed the amp completely. Now extremely happy with the set up. This is a beautiful product. I highly recommend it but be prepared to spend some money on tubes.
The Primaluna is a giant killer; I am referring to ARC. With NOS RCA 12au7 and 12ax7 Plus a matched quad of Tung Sol EL34 and the Prima Luna 6 is a giant killer.