PrimaLuna One, interconnects,cables,power chords

Has anyone experimented with interconnects,speaker cables, or power chords? I am thinking about upgrading from Audioquest King Cobras, and very inexpensive speaker cables, but I'm not sure if I should consider silver, or stick with copper.Maybe Zen's, or Analysis Plus.
I'm trying to get a bit more sparkle and transparency.
I presently have a Theta Miles CD player(which is good for taming the bass), Spendor 3/5se speakers.
Will changing tubes help?
Thanks for your help.
Nordost Blue Heaven interconnects and speaker cable, and D.H. Labs power cable. Check the used/demo list at Upscale Audio for a good deal on Nordost Blue Heaven speaker bi-wires (last time I looked.)
I have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on cable, PC and I/C just to improve this amp's "sparkle and transparency" (not that you need my justification). One of its biggest attractions for me is it's price/performance ratio. What I would do is some tube rolling. You can change the sound of this amp quite a bit by changing the small tube's and power tubes. You can play with new production tubes on the cheap or NOS. Call Kevin Deal and discuss w/him your what you want to do and see what tubes he would recommend. I would agree that changing your speaker cable to Nordost might help the high end, I'm just not sure how it will effect the bass.
Could someone explain what NOS tubes are. I assume they are re-conditioned or something. I just am not sure what this means.
New Old Stock. Means that they are tubes that have not been used but are no longer in production. Unfortunately many tube sellers on the internet apply this designation to any old tube, used or not. Caveat emptor.
I had some email exchanges with Kevin about tube rolling my PrimaLuna One. Seems the 12AX7 would have the biggest effect when changed but it depends on taste. Since I have no idea what 12AX7's out there do I haven't a clue where to start....any help in this regard is welcome also.
I put in some NOS Tesla E34L's (power tubes) built in the late 80's/early 90's, but I haven't tried similar vintage Tesla EL34's yet, but from past experience I suspect they would sound much the same. That brightened my One up quite a bit. Added to that some EI 12AX7's almost made it too bright and I went back to the EH's (this is the only application for the EH's that I found that they sounded neutral - go figure!). You can also play with the 12AU7's as well - they do make some difference. I ended up using EI's. The permutation's are endless. I didn't care for the JJ 12AX7's or the JJ 12AU7's in this amp at all.
Rthomer, I am using a Shunyata Diamondback PC with my Prologue Two. Power Cords, in my experience have yielded greater results in my system than those of speaker cables & interconnects. I'd recommend starting with upgrading the stock PC on the unit.

Running a dedicated line, terminated with a high-quality outlet is also a very worthwhile 'tweak' that yields great results! (especially for the small cost)
Thanks for the input. Your right Newbee, the price/performance factor is amazing, and it outperforms my previous SS integrated at more than twice the price. But, just because it's inexpensive doesn't preclude spending some bucks to get more out of it, in fact it makes it easier ....but I appreciate and understand your point.
I am going to have to do some research on the tube rolling and consult with Kevin Deal..
Thanks again.
I recently upgraded the stock cord of the Prologue I to Harmonic Technology Pro AC 11 and have experienced appreciably better sound. I have a spare Eichmann Express AC cord that will ultimately be used on a conditioner for my cdp, that I plan to try with the amp. I use the modest AH! Interconnect, which Kevin recommeded over the DH Labs.
I agree with Jh2os that installing a dedicated line would be a good starting point.