primaluna gear, avalon eidolon speakers, cardas

I just purchase some primaluna diologue 7 mono amps and their best preamp. I have some Avalon Eidolon Vision speakers to go with all this. I also have all Cardas Golden Reference interconnects and speaker cable. I don't have it all hooked up yet. Any one have an opinion on this set up.
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Have you had an opportunity to listen to your system yet and if so perhaps share your thoughts?
Integration has to do with the response of the low freq. unit of a subwoofer. Material needs to be very light and stiff. Velodyne weakest point is there speed in response. For surround it is good, for stereo it is too slow for me. I have proven this in a few tests.

I could not achieve the stealth integration I want and did achieve with the PLW-15 from Monitor Audio. There response and timing is better cause of the combination of carbon and alluminium. This is something I can easily demonstrate to many highend people as I did.

With Audyssey Pro I could achieve also the dynamics and energy coming from the place were the low freq. are on the recording. With Velodyne it is more coming from the sub it self instead of the location were it needs to be.
Tried many speaker cables with Avalons: MIT varies levels, transparent, nordost, acoustic zen, stealth dream, ridge street audio, purist audio, cardas clear. best fit for me was tara lab 0.8. That is with both SS amp and tube amp.
Tara Labs has also a sharp individual focus of instruments and voices. This means you get a more realistic proportion of instruments and voices.

I sold Avalon for over 6 years of time. I never understood why people buy it with MIT. Because the individual focus within the wide and deep stage never will give an intimate image. I also sold MIT for over 6 years of time.

People should listen to acoustic instruments in real. After this listen to Avalon and MIT and you will understand what is missing.
GLai there is indeed something special about the 0.8.
Tried them when I had my old pair of Eidolons.
Too bad I cant afford it, improvement doesnt justify the cost.
Rather spend time tweaking the operating points of my electronics.
Finally tamed my Avalon diamonds after a whole year.
Extremely sensitive to the slightest hint of odd order harmonics of upstream gear, that's all I can say.