Primaluna evo300

this tube preamp seems very interesting.  Anyone out there heard one? own one? thoughts.  Thanks Much
Well folks, i bought the evo-300 integrated amp and i am thrilled.  I was worried about a tube amp not having enough bass slam for rock n roll.  

this thing is amazing.  the mids are so smooth air around all the vocals, the highs are calmed down from my old amp and there is Plenty of bass slam.     thing is built like a tank.     very happy here, going to pair it with triton 1.r speakers next week.  
now all you need is a set of Shuguang WE Red base power tubes, and you will be good.
Interested to hear your opinions when you get the Tritons. 
Amp is evo 300 integrated 
will report back with triton report 
Thanks.  I'm sure that combination sounds fantastic.  If you ever try the Primaluna preamp with a SS amp, I'd like to hear a report on that as well.

Good to hear you're enjoying the new Primaluna!Yes tube amps will have fabulous bass paired with the right speaker:-)Looking forward to hearing about the Tritons later on.
OK took delivery of the Triton 1R’s tonight and paired it with the PrimaLuna evo-300 integrated.  I am thrilled beyond expectation (without break in).    This pairing is so deep and wide soundstage.  The mids/highs are very smooth and the bass, wow, you can feel it in your chest but it is totally under control, not boomy or bloomy.  (Adjustable)

I put on Grateful Dead American Beauty in 24bit hi res and it is a revelation. (God i could cry).  The vocals have so much space, each instrument is isolated and the bass is like being at live show, where you can feel it, but it is very tight and controlled.  

For 10k (and i have not played with wires or power yet) this is a giant killer system.   
I ordered the Evo 400 to pair with my Triton Reference speakers. I hope I'm as happy as you!
I recently purchased the PrimaLuna EVO 100 TUBE PREAMPLIFIER and dac.  Very nice quality build and huge improvement to my system.
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