PrimaLuna EVO 400 Pre- Can anyone comment?

Is there anyone out there who can comment and has compared or heard or owns the EVO 400 pre; what is your experience?
I heard it with a Parasound power amp, not sure which one, through Vandersteen Quattros in a store (not a ‘regular’ room). Sounded great, put me on a path to investigate adding a tube pre to my setup. The emotional involvement part that I’m missing in my system. I can’t help with comparisons though. My dealer put my in front of that system (instead of his AR, Luxman, Hegel, etc) when I told him I was thinking of adding a pre amp to boost the SQ for 2-channel.
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It’s amazing to find people who are looking for very similar items/systems that you are. (Well, of course, there ARE 330 million people in the US!) :-).

I have a Parasound A21 and planning to get a Primaluna pre. When english210 spoke of "emotional" he hit it on the head. THAT is missing.

I have Focal 1028be along with the Parasound. Using a Denon 3808ci to steer for HT and as a pre.

OK, but I am sure can be better.

It might be a while, but I’ll check back when it happens.
Yes.  Owned a PrimaLuna EVO 400 Tube stereo Preamplifier for 5-6 months.At its price point it is a steal. When in my system it was a very open, airy: with wide,deep, high and solid stage.  A dead quiet mechanically and electronically. Since I always do serious listening with very little room lights, these two things are important in the feature set.
Would most likely  still own it if not for these two things. It really sounds great.
1. No light on powered volume control.2. The gear ratio on power volume control for me was set to high.  Could not control volume level as needed.If these two things do not apply to you...........................Than Go For it.  You'll  be happy
I can't say if you would like the Primaluna evo 400 preamplifier. I can say that I love how it transforms the sound in my system, in my room.  My system has never sounded better.  I have used the evo 400 pre for 120 days, with a high current ss Amp ( proceed HPA). Shunyata xlr IC's. Shunyata power cables. Tidal mqa source ( NAD c 658 streamer). 
60 day audition from Upscale Audio.  Audition it in your system, and let your ears be the judge. 
My buddy tried it with an EVO400 power amp and it sounded fantastic. Brought it over to my place and it just didn’t sound that great. Replaced the EVO400 power amp with my Pass XA60.5 and still no magic.

My buddy uses Audio Physic Virgo II in a smaller room. I’m using Audio Physic Avanti III in a larger room.

I think the EVO400 pre is a bit system dependent but when it works it’s magical
I have one and really enjoy it. A dealer told me that guys were selling their ARC Ref series preamps for the EVO 400. Hopefully it matches a Pass 150.8 I have on the way..