PrimaLuna EVO 400 or Raven Audio Blackhawk integrateds?

Please chime be paired w/ Focal 1038Be speakers. I'd buy the PL used and the Raven new. I never see the Ravens for sale on Agon...
Reading djones comment, I compared the Raven and PL -- 20 wpc vs. 70 wpc. Seems like a mismatched comparison, at least power-wise. Besides stuff from Mac, Cary, a VTL IT-85 Integrated or a VAC Sigma 170i Integrated Amplifier would seem to offer closer comparatives.
I sold my PL Dialogue Premium, non HP looking to get the Focals to their potential...

What was it lacking? Did you try different tubes-KT88/150's?

Demo the amps. You're only out shipping for what doesn't make the cut. The PL will have twice the power.
Perhaps the Raven's "better" components/transformers will make up for less power but you will hear it as acceptable? 

tablejockey, good suggestion, Upscale has extended their audition period to 60 days and Raven offers 45 days. Valid point, 20 watts vs 70 watts. Perhaps I should consider the Osprey at 30 watts...
Pathos Classic MKIII hybrid .

Raven makes nice speakers and cables but the Blackhawk is not going to drive the Focals.

My experience with the Raven integrated Blackhawk has been less than stellar.

PL are nice and Upscale is a first class outfit. 

Raven CeLest rock.