Primaluna EVO 300/400 Preamplifier owners - let's hear from you

I'm curious if anyone owns the EVO 300 or 400 Preamps. Besides what your thoughts are on the sonics I would like to know how it is to live with on a daily basis.

Any issues with powering on/off if your amp is already on? Trying to understand order of operations and how sensitive a process powering on is.

How is the volume control to work with via remote? Can you you get very fine adjustments, or is that only possible with the knob on the unit?

Any thoughts on the Balanced vs Single Ended outputs (for the EVO 400)?
Anyone pair it with a SS amp with good results?

Do the Tape outputs work flawlessly?

Please add anything else you think is of note!


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Hello, shahram. I’ve owned a Pl EVO 400 preamp for approx one month and feel it performs better than I ever imagined it could. This is an unusual occurrence for me, especially with all the hype I’ve been subjected to over the past few months.  It does require a lot of “warm up” play but then the sound is absolutely “stunning”
I guess I’ve never realized the importance of a high quality preamp before. 
I have it working with a pair of CJ LP260mse monos, a pair of Focal 1038BE loud speakers and a pair of SVS  sb300 subs. 
Believe me, without a doubt, this preamp its the real deal IMHO.
Yes, I use the original tubes and it is very quiet. I only use the remote which is extremely substantial. The volume adjustments are very incremental allowing a lot of adjustment flexibility. I do have a setting where the volume is a little lower than I prefer whereas the next higher setting is a little too loud. I actually prefer the louder setting.

I like music that has a lot of background information because it is now more noticeable. Eric Clapton, the Band, Grateful Dead, Rush, the Beatles, and a lot of other seventies rock bands. The more detail that is generally indiscernible, the better. I’m noticing sounds that I didn’t notice before. I do think that the build is substantial and even though it has a unique appearance, I like it. You can certainly see a lot of tube presence.