Primaluna EVO 300/400 Preamplifier owners - let's hear from you

I'm curious if anyone owns the EVO 300 or 400 Preamps. Besides what your thoughts are on the sonics I would like to know how it is to live with on a daily basis.

Any issues with powering on/off if your amp is already on? Trying to understand order of operations and how sensitive a process powering on is.

How is the volume control to work with via remote? Can you you get very fine adjustments, or is that only possible with the knob on the unit?

Any thoughts on the Balanced vs Single Ended outputs (for the EVO 400)?
Anyone pair it with a SS amp with good results?

Do the Tape outputs work flawlessly?

Please add anything else you think is of note!


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What speakers do you have, I also plan to get a tube pre amp, have got a Belles SA30 class A power amp this year and plan to partner it with a Supratek Cabernet pre, looked also at the PrimaLuna but have read that they are not so tube sounding, more solid state/tubeIf that make sense ? The Supratek is in the same ballpark money vice, but are made by one man, therefore a bit of a waiting time. Mick is said to make them a bit warm sounding I am told, but he will build it to your spec if possible. Like PrimaLuna the Supratek look amazing, but they come in two chassis, one houses the power supply and the other the pre section, was lucky to hear a full Supratek setup at a store in Bangkok and although the system was over 10 years old, the sound was sublime, that system had two Supratek tube mono power amps, which unfortunately are a bit too many tubes for me )))
Looking for a good tube sounding class A solid state for some time, I was lucky some months ago to find a mint Belles SA30 for a very good price, am very happy with my purchase, it drives my Graham Audio LS 5/9 beautifully, now I just need a bit of patience until I can order my Supratek pre.
Emailing with Mick, he has assured me that the amps will be perfect with each other, so I am quite excited to hear the combination.
i only wish that the Supratek had a good headphone output! Same with the PrimaLuna, although the PrimaLuna intergrated has one, I don’t understand why their pre’s don’t have headphone output?!!
Happy listening.
I understand where you are coming from regarding the look of the Supratek, if it is any consolation, they look much better in real.
Also Mick can use different kind of wood and top plate.
i was in the same situation as you regarding the Luxman, but after a year of going forward and backwards I decided that I would miss tubes too much ( my main intergraded has tubes in the pre section ) also when I found a mint Belles SA30 it made it easier to decide, but I must say I love the looks of that Luxman, maybe one day....
Congratulations with your purchase, do you use the original tubes ? Is it quiet?