PrimaLuna EVO 100 DAC

I read several members have one. Would like to find out what do you think about it now that you have had it for awhile?

Thank you

@nquery Totally true regarding system synergy, there's often no "best" out there.  No substitute to hearing components in your own system. Fortunately it's possible to get free demos of both the Amber and AM T3se (and many other dacs)...
@three_easy_payments I think a common review report for the Amber 3 is it's "dynamic energy", so if you've got a dark or sleepy system it could be a great fit. Smooth and holographic seem to be the most common terms reported for the audio mirror (se).
@cal3713   Thanks for the additional info.  Honestly if I were going to make a change in my DAC it would be moving further up the ladder at this point to avoid a lateral move (currently using an Auralic Vega G1) - eg Atlantic 2 TRP.  Perhaps a pursuit for 2021.
To repeat the original question: has anyone heard the EVO 100 DAC?