Primaluna Dialogue Two + Wilson Sophia I

I just moved into the realm of tubes. I recently replaced my Arcam A85 int for the Primaluna Dialogue Two tube int. After about 6 listening hours, I am a bit taken back as to how well the DII conveys musical experiences. It is not that Arcam is not very detailed, focused, and driving, but the DII simply presents the soundstage in a more accurate manner. Additionally, the individual instruments are given greater weight and a sense of realism, amp control is amazing, and the dynamic contrast between aggressive movements and softer ones is amazing.

Bottom Line: this tube amp is more musical, and thus increases the chance that a musical connection will be made with the listener.

Anyone who thinks that 38watts/(21 in tri) is not enough power for Wilson Sophia Is will be sorely mistaken. This was my initial thought process as well.

~ Try some decent tube gear if you haven't, you may be surprised!
There are some inexpensive input/driver tubes substitutions for the Prologue units that significantly increase their musicality and naturalness,without losing the positive qualities they already possess.
What you are hearing is 'colored' sound. Tubes do that. Tube rolling is nothing more then looking for different colors. If you like the sound, that is all that matters. All life is colored.
Tiger,are you implying that all tubes are "colored"? I have yet to hear a SS amp that has as complete a waveform as tube units do.Most SS accentuates the leading edge and disregards some of the decay.With SS you would be talking about pure "class A " designs and some specialty low watt amps.
Care to elaborate further.
You have to remember that a tube doesn't operate in a vacuum,well maybe it does.But power supplies,transformers and coupling caps can make or break any tube amp and often accounts for the units' signature.
I would be interested in hearing more about the different recommended input tubes (12AX7s), that I heard would have the greatest impact on the sound of the amp.

Tpsonic, I read some of your posts which touched on the Pro-II, and it seems like you've been at this quite some time, and have concluded that reproducing a live performance is, skeptically, impossible. Do you believe that tubes provide the greatest flexibility in obtaining this goal?
Musicwave ;
Call Upscale Audio and ask them for a tube recommendation .
I did for my Prologue 2 and found them to be right on the money . No pun intended ! I don't know if the tubes that worked for my Prologue 2 would work for your Dialogue 2.

Good luck . amps do color..and that is why especially right now in hi-end tubes are thriving.

If it wasn't for wanting color.....everyone would drive a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry and marry a Stepford Wife.

But I don't want that. I want color. Humanity. I drive a BMW M5. My girlfriend knows how to smack me down. I like Neil Young overdriving his amp....and if you haven't heard him do a long guitar solo thru a tube amp
you haven't lived (unless you don't like him)

Most albums you buy have tubes somewhere in the recording chain. Soome of the best times of my life were in a cement basement listening to "Aqualung" through a Sansui 1000A receiver with 7591A tubes. We didn't know why it was so just was.