Primaluna Dialogue Premium or Dialogue Premium HP.

hi everyone
I dont really need more power then what the Dialogue Premium offer, but I feel that maybe the Dialogue Premium HP may also improve SQ.
Anyone heard both model and can comment?

Anyone tried both?
IS the traansparency reported from the dialogue premium HP is still there with dialogue premium?
I thought I read a Stereophile review of the HP that made some comparison to the the regular Premium...not sure what was said so take it for what its worth. Also, you probably won't be able to get a response from a big $ reviewer like that. I am also interested in the HP so I will be hoping someone else will chime in here.
Call or email Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. He's a straight shooter and an expert on each. I have the Premium and really like it. I would think the HP would have more slam and control as it uses 8 power tubes instead of a quad like my Premium.
The HP has more slam but the Premium sounds better. 

I'm currently planning to sell my Dialogue One and get either the Dialogue Premium or the HP.  But, there is nowhere I can find to demo them next to each other.  I'm really curious about the opinion from Greg (and others) that the HP has more slam but the Premium sounds better.  Can you expand on that opinion?  It's really hard to find anything about these integrated amps compared to each other.
sounderman, where are you located?
That's a bit far from where I know all PL amps are on display (NH).