Primaluna Dialogue or VPI 299D

Subject really says it all.

I’m looking to upgrade my integrated and not quite ready to take the plunge into separates/monoblocks yet.

Running a VPI TNT IV with JMW 12.5 and Benz H2 HO wood cart, Slee Era Gold V phono stage, and Wharfedale Jade 5’s.

I like that both of these integrateds will run KT120s or 150s; the Primaluna does have the phono stage, though I do like the Slee...Happy to upgrade this in time. Both seem to get good reviews, more out there on the Primaluna.

Opinions greatly appreciated!

I doubt you could really go wrong with either.  Both are quite good.

I've now sold 5 of the 299D's, and so far everyone that I have sold, the customer's really love. 

I'm a big EL34 fan, so I think the 299 with 34's is quite good.
They built only 100 units and they haven't sold out? I have no doubt that its a good component but it makes me wonder why they haven't been snapped up by at least the hardcore VPI fans. Why is that?
It's an amp from a company that doesn't make amps.  

Since I'm quite satisfied with my Primaluna Mono Blocks; I recommend the PrimaLuna; you can go to a higher level, or different sound for sure, with NOS tubes.

Enjoy the music.