Primaluna Dialogue One or Line Magnetic 218IA?

I am trying to figure out which mid-level tube integrated to get. All things considered I can get these for about the same price.

I have heard the LM and like it, but I will have to order the Prima and then return with a restocking fee if I don't like it. BUT, it has gotten some tremendous reviews.

I would be using this with a Cambridge CD player and Vandersteen 2CeSig II's.

Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!
Oops, wrong model number. Should have been 216ia. It is a KT 88, not the 845. The 218 is about $1500 more....
Is there anything you are finding lacking in the LM?
A good question. Not really, it is more of a matter of wondering if I am missing out on anything I am unaware of in the Dialogue.
IMO, I would give the Primaluna a spin. Just look as the potential restocking fee as the cost of doing business. An audition in your space is worth paying for IME.
While I do like the idea of a home trial when you're gonna spend a few grand on something, if it were me I'd find it hard to send back the primaluna if I essentially invested a few hundred on a demo. I am satisfied with the LM 211, and have enjoyed listening to the dialogue at a local shop. Then again i've posted a thread wondering what exactly differentiates all these $1500-2000 chinese built el34 or kt88 integrates as I find them to be pretty close in sound to each other.
Add the Melody MK88 to your considerations. I owned the Dialogue 2 and think the mk88 may have been better. I'm pretty sure if it, but my speakers changed in between listens.
And if we are adding additional options to your list, I'd suggest also looking into Rogue. All of these have great reputations. I chose Rogue in part due to its ability to deliver excellent bass, which may not be a strength of other tube amps in this price range.
I believe you will ultimately be disappointed if you don't upgrade the CD player first. Consider an Oppo 105 or Marantz SA8004.
Wound up getting the lm218 after some ear time. I found it to be quite dynamic and yet lush without sounding overtly euphonic. Listening to a living stereo piano recording at the moment and am excited by the realism of the combo.
No problems driving the 86db Vandersteens with the 22-watt LM218IA?
I owned a LM 218 and now a Lm518, and can say that it does have great drive abilities. I imagine it is not a problem in small to mid sized rooms.
I accidentally put the wrong amp in the title. It is the 216IA (KT-88, not the SET 845) It is 22w in triode and 38 UL. On acoustic tracks, solo guitar, cello, etc. it is okay with triode. In ultra linear it hasn't had any issues driving them. I ind it does sound better hooked to the 4 ohm taps, even though nominal impedance of the Vandys is 7. I must admit that I am not a concert-level listener so that helps, but they can get up and rock with some Zeppelin when asked.
Dbarger - can you compare the 218 and 518? I've got the 218 now and really like it.