PrimaLuna CD Player?

Anyone know of one coming out? I heard this somewhere?
It is listed on PrimaLuna/UpscaleAudio's CES exhibitor page. There are also monoblocks in the works as well!
Here is the full list from the CES website:

ProLogue One, EL34 tube integrated amplifier
ProLogue Two, KT88 tube integrated amplifier
ProLogue Three, tube preamplifier
ProLogue Four, EL34 stereo tube power amplifier
ProLogue Five, KT88 stereo tube power amplifier
ProLogue Six, EL 34 mono tube power amplifier
ProLogue Seven, KT88 mono tube power amplifier
PhonoLogue Eight, tube cd-player
PhonoLogue, MM add-on phonostage for PL1,2 and 3
DiaLogue One, EL34 tube integrated amplifier
DiaLogue Two, KT88 tube integrated amplifier

Being a happy ProLogue Two owner, I find this news is very exicting!
Here's a picture
LINK to pic.
i heard the prima luna cd player at ces.

the sound of "modern tube designs" is what you can expect from this component. that is, it sounds like there are no tubes in it. fortunately, it doesn't sound like a solid state cd player.

as i have said and will continue to emphasize, current tube designs no longer have the virtues of traditional tube designs. i believe that differences between tube amps of similar power and tube line stages are very small. it almost does not make a difference what product you purchase, unless the circuit is tube sensitive.
Any news on this player?
I think it's coming out in the next couple of weeks.
PrimaLuna Prolougue 8 CD Player is now in stock
One of the links says 1395.00 and the other 2495.00. I am going to guess the higher price is the right one.
2495.00 is the price. Hopefully we'll see some reviews in the not too distant future.
I'd like to hear from someone that has purchased one myself.
beware of purchasing a prima luna cd player. you may go crazy . you may become a prima luna-tic.
I've been dead set on making this purchase for almost a year and now that it's finally arrived the price has nearly doubled. This changes everything. $1395 was within my budget but $2495 I just can't do. Guess it's the Rega Apollo or Cambridge 840C for.