PrimaLuna cable needs

Sorry, I'm a noob. I'm getting set up slowly. Making an offer on a PrimaLuna Prologue Integrated amp.  Noticed that one came with a heavy duty cable. The other didn't. Would a Shunyata Vipor work fine? 
Also, for speaker cable. the red goes into (speaker specified) 4 or 8 ohm and the black goes into the 0 correct. I have heavy speaker cable now with intention to purchase more appropriate in time. How much of a difference will there be and any recommendations for something that would be under a $200 for both speakers? 
I am intending to get the Goldenear Triton twos. Finally, if anyone knows of a good video or link to educate myself on the sound changes from different tubes. That's a lot of questions, sorry. 
Have you auditioned the PrimaLuna with the Triton Two's? They appear to be an efficient speaker; 91dB, 8 ohms. But to drive the subwoofer satisfactorily, these speakers require some power.
It would be wise to use KT120 or KT150 tubes to get the most power output from your amp.

Some reference material for tubes...
Brent Jessee describes the different tube types and each manufacturer's sound.

Joe's Tube Lore describes the sonic results of the tubes he's tested.
Listening to your present gear and experimenting with speaker placement will get dramatic results for free. Your curiosity is all over the place. Consider optimizing to hear whatever tubes you have before deciding it's not to your liking. Otherwise, there's plenty of threads on PL, both here and Audio Asylum. Whats "best" really is subjective. 
 I enjoyed my Prologue 2 for several trouble free years and liked it so much, upgraded to the  Dialogue HP.
IMO, speaker placement along with a decent power cord plugged into a upgraded outlet will produce noticeable results on the cheap. 
The Triton 2's will probably sound great once you find "the spot" in your room. While speaker cable will no doubt change the sonics, hearing your system sound it's best, is the place to start before spending on tubes and cable.
Doing it all over again, after the amp, I would spend as much as I could afford(and possibly a little more)on used speakers. Plenty of used cable for sale HALF or less of original retail.

Yes, Indeed the Triton 2 has a powered subwoofer. I plan on getting the Nordost (white lightning or Blue Heaven cables) I am getting the Mullons K88s which I think will play nicely. Also found out that I need a little resistor between the 4 ohm and ground to reduce pulsing noise which is problematic with the powered subwoofer and the PrimaLuna. @tablejockey yeah, you are so right. Like I am really wanting the Triton Ones so I may need to wait. I've got some old ADT from college that will haunt me until I buy something else, but then it will be refreshing to hear the difference. I've seen the used deals. also you mentioned "upgraded outlet" Please if you have time, respond to what you mean by that. Thanks
the wall receptacle, surprisingly, or not surprisingly(YMMV) can be a cheap upgrade. Replace with a "hospital grade" or I see Audio Advisor has their Pangea model for $25 dollars.
This, and a decent power cord will wake up your amp. How much? Refer back to YMMV. I use a PS Audio Power Plant to power my entire system, which is yet another way of thinking about "clean power" feeding your system.
Rolling tubes will be a subjective excercise. If it sounds "better" to you, then go with it.
Also, the person to speak with about tube rolling in the PL is Kevin@ Upscale Audio, since he is the distributor and has tubes to fit your needs.
Good luck

Have you auditioned the Triton Two's and are they tube friendly? How did you decide on Nordost cables?
Nordost is a forward sounding cable, were they recommended for these components?
I'm using Triton Twos with a Parasound Halo Integrated and Groneberg Quattro Reference speaker cable and interconnects.  Sounds wonderful.
Got the recommendation from an old article.  Last paragraph.
Also seen the combination on various setups in forums and youtube. I think the neutral speakers and the warm amp will give a very nice sound for me. I don't have a lot to spend so really I know it's a compromise. But then, everything is a compromise until you spend 50 grand or more. So where does it all end? All we can do is get the best we can for the amount we have to spend. I like the tube amp because If I paint myself into a corner I can switch out tubes and probably get close to what I need in that system. 
Looks good. Thanks for the link.
I recommend auditioning speaker cables. I've bought so many cables that didn't work for me and ended up reselling them, taking a loss each time.

The Cable Company has a lending library where you can audition several sets of cables for a 5% fee. If you buy, that fee is applied toward your purchase. They make recommendations based on your components and the type of sound you are seeking.