Primaluna amplifier Prologue vs Dialogue Anyone heard both? Worth it?

hi everyone, I'm really interested in a integrated or power amplifier from primaluna.
Anyone heard both the Dialogue and the Prologue. Is the dialogue worth close to double the price?

Read reviews and call Upscale Audio.  I'm sure Kevin or one of their staff will be able to answer your questions.  Also their website will plenty of information on each.  I have Dialogue Premium integrated and it's the best my system has ever sounded.  
I have owned the PL1, the PL3&5 combo, as well as the Dialogue 1 and the Dialogue 2. I sold off the Prologues a couple of years ago. The Dialogue 1 and 2 are both much better than the Prologue units. Better bass/lower midrange for one thing. I presently use the Dialogue 2 with Tong Sol 6550's and the Dialogue 1 with SED KT88's. The latter match is my favorite of the two. FWIW.

BTW, price wise, the Dialogue Two s 'are  showing up for 1600 and less. I haven't seen many Ones come up though. 
yes, im decided to go with dialogue. Now I'm trying to between the Dialogue Two, Dialogue Premium or Dialogue Premium HP.
I have not listened to the 'Premium' units, but from what I hear they will be more linear and modern sounding than the earlier Dialogues. If that is so then they might loose a bit of the warmth of the earlier Dialogues. I would miss that. Another personal reservation I have is that the small tube selection will be limited to 12AU7's  What little changes I have made in my amps have been based on selection of 12AX7's , a type I have used for many years and have knowledge of how they will change the tone. Not so much with the 12AU7's. 

thanks newbee.
The dialogue premium HP is too expensive form
I’m deciding between Dialogue Two vs Dialogue Premium vs Dialogue Five
Would lvoe to know if anyone heard both!
"Is the dialogue with worth close to double the price?"
High end audio is similar to many things most  of us enjoy. 
After reading/researching your own ears are the judge. Subjective as anything else. Unfortunately, your wallet can get emptied fast!

I enjoyed the Prologue 2 for a few years after DECADES of lofi on the cheap.
Going up the food chain is only necessary if you're beyond just hearing good music and a gear head at least to some degree.

Upgrading to the HP is the best upgrade for what I intended.Unless I'm ready to just get the lottery rig, I'm so done with hi end.
I bought mine BEFORE the huge price increase. IMO, the HP will present ANY source in its best light. But that's always a subjective along  with the YMMV, synergy thing.

My HP is tweaked with 50's RCA coke bottle 6L6's -EIGHT!  Same vintage preamp tubes, everything Nordost Heimdall/Frey plumbing feeding Opera Seconda floorstanders and REL B3. I finally hear what I hear in some of the UBER systems at shows- on the cheap!

Hookup a fine table, along with a tubed phono and you're done.

in stock form, the dialogue premium is worth the extra money over the stock prologue. I own both.

If you start upgrading caps, resistors, etc, then the gap is greatly reduced.
The coupling cap upgrades are pretty easy. toughest part is selecting which cap to use. The Jensen copper foil caps are really nice caps.