Prima Lunacy? (SuperTubeClock)

I am planning on upgrading my tube amp when its current set of tubes start to go.  So I've been doing a bit of perusing online, and was really considering the Prima Luna integrated amps until I read about "the world's first tube-based data clocking device: the SuperTubeClock™"

Did I missing something or is this just about the most obvious snake oil sales job?  For what I am understand the Prima Luna Engineers are using a tube-based oscillator in lieu of a quartz crystal to generate the DAC chip clock signal.  Their blurb lists reduced jitter and noise as the advantages.  AFAIK the noise in a timing signal should be superfluous since it has two values 1 and 0, and anything in between (noise) is ignored.  If the clock signal "noise" is leaking into the final analog output, then there are big problems with the DAC chip.  With respect to jitter, I would expect the inaccuracies of a high-quality crystal oscillator to be measurable only in the nanosecond or picosecond range.  Can an analog-style oscillator really do better (and does it really matter)?

Another thing that stuck me is that the clock triode is soldered in, and there is mention of it lasting 5 - 10 years.  When it goes bad, do owners have to send their DACs to Prima Luna to be refitted with new - and possibly rare and otherwise unavailable - clock tubes?

Thoughts, anyone?

"I am planning on upgrading my tube amp when its current set of tubes start to go."

Don’t hold your breath, they will last a long time. I’m not a digital gear nitpicker, but have demoed one in my system for the CD deck. It did what it’s designed to do, and that is make the CD player a little less "CD sounding" I looked nice too, complimenting my PL HP.

The distributor is the one to address your long term concerns, not anyone here.

I went Denafrips Ares-R2R design. Le$$ and equally satisfying. My subjective opinion, of course.


I misread your comments. I understood it as you already have a PL. Nevermind.

Apologies to the OP for digressing from the main topic but I want to share my opinion on the issue raised by @millercarbon. I also used to be of the opinion that we should buy a product that offers the best value regardless of the country of origin. But in the last 2-3 years, due to the nature of my work working with several clients, I have come to witness the shady nature of the Chinese government. Unlike @millercarbon, my beef is not due to the nature of labor laws and conditions in China, as frankly that is mostly based on rhetoric that might have had some truth to it a decade ago.

The Chinese government brazenly enters the markets in many countries, but goes out of its way to block access to the local Chinese market. It encourages dumping, IP violations, and unethical manipulation that makes it almost impossible for foreign companies to operate in a level playing field. It will be hypocritical of me to say that I will never buy chinese products, because in most cases I don't really have a choice. But I do look for alternatives whenever I can.
I just read PrimaLuna's page for their EVO 400 amp, and according to it, at the very bottom "OUR AMPS ARE PERFECT. BUT YOUR SYSTEM MAY NOT BE", they are the only ones who know how to make use of EL34's, and their amps are so awesome they can make up for crappy speakers.  Wow!  These guys really are full of it!

I guess I'll be looking elsewhere.  I have time.