Prima Luna vs. Jolida

  I would appreciate feedback from former owners of these two brands, amps and integrated amps,  or anyone who is very familiar with both. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
I used a Jolida JD102b for several years in the early oughts, and a JD502b briefly.  I loved the sound of the el84-based JD102b into a pair of Soliloquy 5.0s.  Handed both off to a family member who soon ran into problems with the Jolida that did not warrant the cost of repair.  The JD502 was a flop with whatever setup I had at the time...can't remember the details, but found it didn't offer the same bell-clear sound as the 102b.

Also picked up a PrimaLuna Prologue 2 back when they came out (sort of like the current Prologue Classic).  I thought it to be very competent and easy to use.  It sounded best with KT88s, and not so good with EL34s.  It did everything well enough, with no obvious weaknesses (to me).  I did not opt for the phono add-in, and chasing the best vinyl reproduction eventually led me down a different path.  Although I've since moved on (and on and on), I still have the Prologue.  If I had the time and space and extra bits and pieces, I would use it in a second system. 
Moved from 502a, to Cronus Magnum , to Primaluna Dialouge premium integrated. 

While each amp sounds lovely, every move gave me more. More soundstage , more depth, more bass, more detail.

I'm in love with the PL DP, and don't see myself moving unless I win the lottery ;)

its worth it.

good luck 
I am currently waiting delivery of my PL Dialogue Premium to replace my Jolida 302. I am expecting a significant jump up in everything. I'll check back in when I have more.
How did the PL Dialogue Premium compare to the Jolida 302? I know there is a big difference in price, but I am curious.
I owned a "factory upgraded" Jolida 502P for years and it was great, worked flawlessly, and was an inexpensive, powerful amp...great tube rolling platform for around half the price of pretty much everything else out there, and the MD Jolida people were available for company, great sounding stuff. Only sold the amp when I switched to a single ended Dennis Had power amp.
Jolida is better sounding and much better built quality.