Prima Luna three or Adcom GDP-750?

I am looking for a preamp on a budget at around 850 or so. I need one that fits well with my system. Current amp is AES Six Pac mono, DAC MF Tri Vista. The Prima has gotten some very good review but I am afraid combined with a tube amp, the overall sound might be too tubey. I'd like to have an overall sound that somewhat accurate but not too much detail that will detract from the music.
I'd look for a used Classe pre-amp in your situation.
A modern tube preamp shouldn't sound bad at all. I think want you must mean by "tubey" is slow,syrupy and rolled off. I have found none of that, using both a tube pre and amp of recent manufacture. Instead I have brilliant transparency halographic imagery and excellent tone. As always it comes down to system building. That said if I were to sub out a tubed component it would be the pre, because I think the tube output from the amp has the best influence on the sonic.