Prima Luna ProLouge 7 or Jolida JD-1000P

I'm looking for a budget friendly tube amp to go with a pair of Von Schweikert VR-33 speakers. My room is 20L x 13W x 9H and I listen mostly to Jazz. The amps I am considering are the Prima Luna ProLouge 7 and the Jolida JD-1000P. I don't know much about either amp but have heard great things. Anyone have any experience with either amps? I would like to stay under 3K.
I probably would go with the PL simply because of the lawsuits that are going on now at Jolida. It is a shame because Jolida makes great gear for the money. Who knows what kind of hit Jolida is going to take on resale. Maybe they will maybe they won't but I would not buy one at the moment until this fiasco plays out. I hope they stay intact :)
I don't know the Jolida, but can highly recommend Prima Luna. Excellent sound and build quality at reasonable cost. I will offer a couple of observations:

The PLs are auto-biasing. If you intend to tube roll, this is a great benefit.

Not sure how you settled on the PL7s (I own a pair), but the PL6s and PL7s are both worth considering, depending on your taste and the particular application. Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio in Cal. (who imports the line) is a great resource when making that decision. You might want to call him before pulling the trigger on any of these amps.
I don't know about the PL amps, but I do own the 1000P and it is a fantastic amp for the price, very powerful and has that EL-34 sound that I love. Put some winged C EL-34s in it with bugle boy 12ax7s and some nice 12at7's and it will sound great and is well within your budget, I paid $1400 here on audiogon. On the down side Samzx12 makes some very valid points that need to be taken into consideration.