Prima Luna Premium Pre or Conrad Johnson ET3 SE


I currently own a Conrad Johnson ET3 SE.

Would a Prima Luna Premium Preamp be an upgrade?

I am unfamiliar with Prima Luna.

Thanks for any input.
+1 for Kevins unbelievable trade in deals .
And as far as arrogance...I have been talking to him about various tube rolling info and when he doesn't know , he says so ! A stand up guy !

Keep up the good work Kevin .
"04-10-15: Upscaleaudio
Thanks for the kind words. And Zd542, I don't know what comments I made, but back in the day, there was a lot of that. Frankly that's why most industry people don't get involved in forums anymore, including me. No data, just meaningless sweeping comments and insults. I'm just not into that. Principles before personalities."

Principles before personalities? I find that hard to believe. I'll say just about anything, but I don't feel comfortable just quoting what you said. It wasn't too long ago either. I'll give you some hints and you can choose to remember it if you want to.

The thread started out as a discussion on Prima Luna. As the discussion progressed, some of the comments started to get negative in that not everyone had a good experience dealing with you, in one form or another. But, for the most part, the comments seemed genuine. It should be noted, that I was part of the discussion. I've bought some stuff from you in the past. Nothing big or expensive, and I did notice you have an odd personality. I remember you saying some really odd things to me when I had you on the phone. They were nothing terrible, but I couldn't help but think that these type of comments aren't something you would normally say to someone you really don't know.

Anyway, in the middle of all this, you jumped into the discussion, and started to do some damage control. I didn't think there was anything wrong with that. You're allowed to speak, and I know what it is to run a business. I probably would have done the same thing. But then, out of nowhere, you drop a very tragic, personal story, and used it to justify why you may not have been in a good mood. I was stunned. Its not the kind of story that you would tell people that you really don't know. And its definitely not the kind of story you would use just to save face on an internet chat site. But it did work. You had everyone feeling bad for you and it stopped the discussion right there on the spot. And for that, I have absolutely no respect for you. Sometimes when you're in business, you need to have to balls to admit your mistakes, apologize and move on.
Meanwhile back at the ranch the original poster is no closer to getting valid comparison feedback like he asked for.

Personally I feel businesses that stand to make a profit from a particular product in question should probably avoid commenting on threads that are initiated by consumers for comparing competing products. Even with honest and good intentions it cannot come across as anything but an attempt to make a sale. This is not intended to be a swipe at Upscale because I am a satisfied customer there and will buy again.
Zd542, if I upset you somehow, I'm sorry. On to the topic of the thread.

Abrew: I do think about that. Everybody is trying to make a sale I suppose. Including consumers that bought a product and want to explain why. But motives don't matter that much as long as he gets data. Data is what's important.

I think that if you look at this thread, there is a LOT of information for him. Where it comes from is irrelevant as long as it's accurate. My statements were based on facts I know, and he was asking for that. If somebody thinks any of my statements were not accurate they can say so.

I think that if somebody from ARC, Cary, CJ, or whoever came in and made their case it would REALLY be incredible instead of things that have nothing to do with the question at hand. People in the industry talk about what to do with forums and the answer is the same. It goes off-topic.

Back to the original question. I think I've pretty much answered most anything relevant unless there is something else.

"04-12-15: Upscaleaudio
Zd542, if I upset you somehow, I'm sorry. On to the topic of the thread."

You don't owe me an apology. You owe yourself one.