Prima Luna Pre

Hello All,
Does the Prima Luna 3 Preamp "hold it's own" in systems with more "upscale" componants? Can I use "quotation marks" 3 times in a short paragraph? Yes!

The model 3 Prima dual mono-tube preamp, is the way to go. Non-inverting dual triode tubes per channel (12ax7, 12au7), dual tube rectifiers(5ar4), dual power trannies and chokes, point to point wiring, film/foil caps, wirewound and metal film resistors. The sound has all the three dimensional sound staging, wide front to back and left to right sound front, slightly soft but works great with both solid state and tube amplifiers, musically accurate, involving, no sibulance, only musical bliss. To date, there isn't any tube preamp in this price range that comes close. This is my last preamp I will ever need, even without remote. Turn on time delay and protective circuitry for minimizing turn transients from amplifiers etc. The reviews are in from Absolute Sound and they loved it. Hope this helps and good luck. See for more information.
Best Regards,
Robert from Virginia