Prima Luna Owners

Owners of the Prima Luna integrated amplifier:

Can you share your thoughts on the sonic performance of this tube-based integrated amplifier?

Many thanks,
I'm also interested in the Prima Luna. There was an excellent review by Ken Kessler in Hi-Fi News several months ago.
I'm interested as well. They seem good on paper at least, and I prefer the look to that of the Bizzy Bee's. Anyone actually have one?
There are reviews at
Since Claud did not provide the links, I'll volunteer. PrimaLuna Prologue One Customer Reviews on

PrimaLuna Prologue Two Customer Reviews on
I'll join the list of interested parties. Hi-Fi News also reported that Prima Luna was working on budget tube-based separates. Has there been any news on these? They were supposed to be done before the end of the summer...

The difficult part about PrimaLuna is that finding information on them is difficult at best. You're really limited to and various bits of news, seeing how bad of shape the "official" site is in...