Prima Luna - Mcintosh - Cornwall

Looking to do two things. First, to add a tube preamp to drive a MC402 to in turn drive a pair of B&W 803s'. Primarily between a Mcintosh 220 and 2200. Have thought about a prima luna for this but looks like the Zout may be a little low for driving the 402. Would like to hear what others have to say about the differences between the 220 and 2200. I listened to a 2300 when I purchased the C45 and did not notice the 2300 to be particularly "tubey". This is actually a good thing from an engineering standpoint but what I am after for this purchase is a 'tubey' sounding tube preamp - rich midrange and mellow highs - not necessarily dead on hear what's on the source accuracy. In short, which sounds 'tubier' the 220 or the 2200? All serious recomendations will be entertained but realize that I am not interested in spending much more than 4k for this endeavor. Second, the 803s' are to my liking for most of what I listen to and for most of my listening habits (classical music at max spl at one meter of 100 for peaks). However, pushing these past about 100 db on peaks at one meter is, in my opinion, beyond their capability or that of most speakers. It appears to me that to get earth shattering, hearing damagin, plate rattling volumes (not for extended listening at those levels of course) the choices are horns and some actives. Although the actives are attractive, at the price point and for what I am after (more of dabbling in a second system that will not be used all that much) I'll stick with the horns. Have kind of narrowed my field to Klipsch and pretty much down to the Cornwall. Likely the Cornwall III but would like to hear from others who have listened to the Cornwall II vs the III for their opinions of the differences and preferences. It is my understanding that the Cornwall will pretty much require tubes all the way through so as to now sound bright (but this is just what I have heard) so my choice is probably a Prima Luna Dialogue One or Two Integrated. Again, want a tubey sound and it looks like the Dialogue Two comes with KT88's and probably a little less pronounced in the midrange than the 34's in the Dialogue One. Would like to hear comment hear also. All comments are welcome so long as pretty much on point (no need to waste time informing me of the virtues of high quality cables, power cords, cable lifters, interconnects, or power conditioners). I realize that this is a lot in one post but thought I would conserve space and it seems like those with pertinent knowledge on the first issue would also have pertinent knowledge on the second.
I owned PL Prologue Two, upgraded with NOS GEC KT88, no probs with mids or anything else. For the money, and not only, PL gear are stellar, imo. And KT88 are very musical tubes, powerfull, but still...And EL34 are great option as well, but they are not the same, less punchy, more relax, so, its all depends on your preferences. You know, the best part is, you can use KT88 and EL34 on it, even at the same time, amazing futures PL offers with auto bias. I tried KT88 and 6550 together, no issues. I dont know any other amp that can do such thing.
Enjoy the music!