Wow thats great news.
Maybe I missed it but what is new and improved? Been eyeing the Dialogue HP integrated which is now the Evo 400 integrated for quite some time.
Looks to me like the new Evo has balanced inputs.  Is that the only difference for 600 bucks?
Hoping Kevin Deal will chime in soon...
so all the other "nice-ties" like remote control switching between triode and UL and the bad tube indicator were part of past models too?  Obviously those type of things don't effect sound and seem more geared towards making tube gear seem less "scary" to use by a larger target market.  Hopefully the new model includes features that drive sonics as well.

Looks like only the separates [not integrated] for the EVO 400 have balanced inputs [which Kevin has poo poo'd in his past PL videos as being irrelevant] and balanced output from the pre-amp to the balance input for the power amp. It looks like the EVO 300 integrated and EVO 200 integrated both come with headphone amps/jacks. That's what one gets over the Dialogue Integrated for $600 and the Prologue Integrated for $500. There's also an optional MM Phonostage for more [something Kevin has always discouraged having with a tube amp (or was it only a DAC with the same?)]. The EVO 300 and 400 Integrated have DuRoch Tinfoil Capacitors instead of SCR Tinfoil Capacitors. That difference isn't indicated on the EVO Power Amps. Du Roch Tinfoil Capacitors are ID'd for the EVO 300 and 400 Pre-Amps where the Dialogue Premium uses Mundorf Capacitors. The Capacitors appear to be the Sonic improvements.

I purchased a pair of the Evo 400 Power Amps and the Evo 400 Preamp last week. They are delivered and sitting downstairs but I have not heard them yet because I'm waiting for other equipment to arrive. The local distributor has the Evo's installed as well, and he told me via phone that there is a strong improvement in sound quality over the Dialogue series. I can't personally confirm this, as I have not heard them, and I never heard the Dialogue series either. But I can confirm that the amps look amazing and the build quality is the best I have ever seen in any amplifier. For me they replace an ARC VT100 original model which died a few weeks ago which I have owned since its release, and an ARC Reference 2 preamp which I still use. I also own Coincident Reference line and phono preamps which I rarely use although they are very good. When my other equipment arrives in about 10 days, I will report on the sound of the Evos if anyone is interested.
I am very pleased with my PL Dialogue Premium integrated. I feel absolutely no need to go "Evo" I can't tell what the extra $600 brings to the table.
"I purchased a pair of the Evo 400 Power Amps and the Evo 400 Preamp last week."

You're gonna have a rockin system, assuming their hooked up to some equally competent speakers. 

It's obvious you're/were serious about playing records(Coincident) so, a report once everything is  online will be welcome.
"You’re gonna have a rockin system, assuming their hooked up to some equally competent speakers. "

Thank you tablejockey. I have some excellent speakers shown below which should make evaluating the P/L Evo amps easy enough. In the picture you will see a black and a silver P/L Evo 400. The distributor only had one of each but he will swap to all silver faceplates when more stock arrives. Same with Evo 400 preamp.

The equipment I’m waiting for is a Kuzma Stabi M turntable, Thales Statement arm, Lyra Etna SL cartridge and all Synergistic Research Galileo SX power cables, interconnects and speaker cables as well as PowerCell 12 UEF SE and Active grounding block. So there should be nothing holding the Evos back, hopefully.
My main interest is making vinyl transfers to digital, which explains the heavy emphasis on turntable and phono stages rather than power amps etc. I went with PrimaLuna because of the build quality and value for money. I’m very happy about the XLR inputs on the new Evo gear. I also have Nordost Odin XLR interconnects which I will be able to use now.

Here's a nice shot of the silver Evo 400 power amp, and one of the black Evo 400 preamp, showing the exterior finishes. I guess these are similar to the older PrimaLuna amps, though I have not seen them.

On the preamp,the only noticeable change in appearance is the faceplate now has a rounded beveled edge and the selector knob wording shows auxiliary instead of a separately named source input.. I would have preferred an all black colored case instead of the blue.. Also,a lighted indicator position on the volume control knob would have been nice for dark room listening sessions.

I was sold on PL 10 years ago. 
HP/VPI with Nordost.

The  PL gear is at a level one can say...okay, let's just listen to music.
I know this is being nit picky but I just wish the PL gear looked better.  I really like the looks of nearly all others - ARC, VAC, Luxman, Octave, Cary etc...I supposed PL is wedded to their aesthetic.
I know what you mean about the looks, especially the rounded cage. However once you see it and feel it in real life, you kind of get a new perspective and respect for the look and feel. It's incredibly heavy for its size, and the finish is very luxurious to the touch. I've come round to it and find it aesthetically very pleasing overall.
"I know what you mean about the looks, especially the rounded cage."

If anything, PL should have reshaped the transformer cover, to compliment the tube cage. I don’t know what that would look like, but it"s the same cover used since the line it was introduced.

If you ever try the KT 150’s, the cage won’t fit anyway.
Your digital transfer rig is top notch. I bet that’s digital playback that sounds organic like a record.

Your stats are gonna sing. I like the Mapleshade rack. I have slabs under the table and sub. I don’t know if they really do what Mapleshade claims, but it works aesthetically.

Looks like Christmas at your house


My room is similar- wood floor windows on the sidewall. My setup sounds "too hot" without room treatment. Strategic damping really tamed the brightness.

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Thanks again tablejockey. I hope the new system will make great mono and stereo transfers when it's set up properly. Currently I can only do mono transfers, which is ok because a lot of my records are mono. 
I deleted my comments about Mapleshade because they strayed too far off topic. in another thread I could describe my method for improving the maple slabs.
I'm sure the PrimaLuna Evo gear will sound fantastic. I will share my findings with you, within 2 weeks if all goes well.

enlighten me...what brand speakers? sub?

Impressive looking whatever they are.
I have the PL Dialogue integrated. I like the looks (I don't use the cage) It is without doubt the best tube rig I've ever owned and I've owned some costly gear that was finicky and didn't respond to tube rolling nearly as well. I'm running the Tung-Sol 7581a for my power tubes after living with the GoldLion KT77's which I thought were spectacular. So, I'm glad I didn't have to pony up another $600 for a headphone jack (which I didn't want). I don't care for "triode mode" since it makes the soundstage recessed to my ears and I don't hear any meaningful extra detail. Hope you have fun with your new gear Batmobile.
Thanks tuberist. I'm glad to hear you are pleased with the PL Dialogue. I imagine the new Evo will sound like a very close relative, since there's not much different under the hood.

tablejockey - 
The speakers are Martin Logan CLX electrostatics, and the powered sub is a JL Audio Gotham. I have owned them since about 2010, and they are a great match. I don't need to use a crossover at all, I just feed the sub and CLXs direct from the Audio Research Ref. 2 which has 2 pairs of XLR outputs. That's why I don't use the Coincident line stage preamp, because it only has one pair of XLR outputs, and my best cables are all XLR. I don't use the Coincident phono stage because I like to use unshielded cable from the tonearm, and the Coincident can't handle that, being all tube. So I now use the Moon 810 LP solid state phono preamp which is on the maple block. Everything is fitted with Ayra Revopod isolation feet.
CLXs are not direct from the Ref. 2 of course - they will be powered by the PrimaLunas.
Congrats on the Evos. I just ordered a Pl Dialogue Premium Pre and a Evo 400 amp. I am upgrading to separates from a HP Integrated. I hope I don’t regret not getting an Evo pre, but I The cost savings of the previous generation  led me to the Dialogue. I went with the Evo Amp since I will likely add another one in the future for a mono set up. My understanding are the transformers are slightly improved on the new amps, so I wanted to make sure I would have a match when going monoblocks. They’ll be hear Friday.  Can’t wat. 
"Maybe I missed it but what is new and improved? Been eyeing the Dialogue HP integrated which is now the Evo 400 integrated for quite some time."

Things I could find:
- Stereo Sub/ Variable Out
- Tape Out
- Weighs 2 more pounds
- Mundorf Mcap EVO Silvergold Capacitors
- They also now spec out the headphone power, but I kind of doubt that has changed.
- 93 S/N vs previously 92
- Frequency Response is also slightly tweaked

All in all I think these should be similar enough that it’s worth jumping on the Dialogue HP while you still can. Seems like some new branding, new capacitors, and an incremental price increase. I’m sure it was probably time for a price increase, and it’s easier to position it as a new model vs pricing going up on an older model.

Wonder if the output transformer has better stability in this new one.
As the old one didn't, looking at the peaking FR and overshoot on the SW.
Can't tell till a bench test is done, or some start saying it's a touch sibilant on extended tweeters.

Cheers George
"Congrats on the Evos. I just ordered a Pl Dialogue Premium Pre and a Evo 400 amp."   

I am eyeing a dialogue premium preamp too. I do not see anything in there justifying a  50% jump in price between the dialogue premium preamp to the 400 EVO. I have a dialogue premium HP amp at the moment and it cannot use balanced input. I guess I will take a page from Kevin Deal's book and look what is inside..... and, for what I know now go for the dialogue.
I was hoping by now Kevin Deal would have jumped in here to elaborate on the EVO’s upgraded parts details...Seems odd that he hasn’t...seeing he is the US distributor. Nothing really on his site either. 8(