Prima luna equipment cable sensitive

First time poster here, please be gentle. Ive been using and enjoying both a Prima Luna evo400 power amp and Prima Luna evo 200 pre for about a year now. Recently I’ve been experiencing loss of signal at RCA connections of both units ( input of the power amp and output of the pre ) .this happens pretty frequently and either wiggling the cable and or twisting it returns the signal. So far Ive tried cables from Acoustic Zen ,Kimber and two from Audioquest. The Kimbers are working the best and they actually feel tighter when pushing in although the AZ,s are actually locking RCA,s. Obviously this is a problem with the  Prima Lunas female RCA,s and not the interconects, just curious if any other Prima Luna owners have had a similar experience? and yes I have contact cleaner coming,thanks in advance for any help.
you have a unit with defective RCA plugs from what you have described and I would have the manufacturer take care of that for you under warranty. If you bought from upscale Audio they will take proper care of you
Thanks Tuberist They didn’t come from Upscale theres a dealer local here in Orange County where they came from that’ll send them back to Prima Luna for me.I was really hoping for a miracle or something that didn’t involve sending them back , Cheers.
Very bad get fixed asap this shows bad quality control.
Yes, getting them repaired is the way to go.
The amp shouldn't have to go back to the manufacturer to fix bad or loose RCA jacks the dealer should be able to handle that.
MC who cares? You ran plenty of gear made in China.
Thanks all ,wow took a little longer for the china dig than I had anticipated. Yes this dealer is a small outfit with the ability to repair onsite,hes also able to discount this equipment significantly unlike the other SO Cal Prima Luna dealer ,if anyone’s interested in his contact info let me know.
MC is a freshly converted to MAD in the USA his old amp was CHINA. Also the Rave Audio Amplifiers are actually a Korean design that Dave bought fr the Korean MFR. 1/2 the components in the Raven are made in CHINA.

He had a Mystery and that is a subsidiary of Prima Luna

OP call Upscale as they are the US Importer and Service for PL.
doubt his conversion….check driver sourcing……

cue sycophants……
Thanks Jerry,I know thats the right thing to do if it comes to it. I also know it may sound like BS but both pieces have been producing beautiful Chinese vacuum tubes sounds for the last two evenings without a hitch,maybe these things just don’t like AQ or AZ cables,.I noticed years ago that the Kimbers I bought we’re always a tighter connection, we’ll see over the next few days what happens. These are strange times for everything.