Prima Luna Dialogue series, is it worth the money?

I was trying to decide between the Prima Luna Prologue Premium integrated, and the Prima Luna Dialog 1, or 2. Has anyone compared these two series of integrated amps. I'm just trying to decide, if it's worth spending the extra money to get the Dialogue. What are the sonic differences? Thank you.
Personally I don’t think so. Both have :- SoftStart & Adaptive AutoBias, However I don’t think the Premium has UL/Triode switching, not sure? Running in Triode mode can sound better on some valves. Down to personal taste.
You May get slightly better transformers on the Dialogue & maybe better valves, but I think you’ll find they are still the stock Chinese Shuguang’s, which you’ll need to change, if you want the best sound.
Remember a Valve amp’s only as good as the valves you use in it ! The Shuguang’s are cheap get you up & running tubes. Yes I know they have PrimaLuna stamped on them, but trust me their made by Shuguang!
You pay’s your money & makes your choice! Good luck.
I have two Prima Luna amps in service since 2005. The PL 5 power amp in one system and the PL 2 integrated amp in another system. For the last few years, I have been using either EL 34 or 6CA7 power tubes, new production from Electro Harmonix or Mullard. I prefer these tube types to 6550 or KT 88. For preamp tubes, I have been using NOS Mullard.

I enjoy these amps tremendously. I have never wanted to upgrade. When I need to replace them, I will buy Prima Luna.

Until the last year or two, it was pretty difficult to do comparative auditions of the different amps in the PL line. There were not that many dealers. I purchased my PL amps directly from one of the founding PL fathers, Kevin Deal of Upscale Audio.

And that would be my advice ... read the reviews as there are many of them out there and then call Kevin and ask him. He is a straight shooter.


One interesting thing about the tubes - the stock ones are not necessarily low quality. I did replace the KT-88's in my Dialogue 2 with some EH EL-34's, and greatly preferred this. However, I had a stock AU7 go out on me and bought a relatively inexpensive replacement, and these do not sound quite as good as the stock ones did. The AU7's have the least effect on the sound, though. I have never experimented with the AX7's as of yet.
i am using a prologue II with Harbeth PL3s and love it . Did some tube rolling and using Mullard el34s. Power to spare and wonderful mids. The MM phono is fantastic BTW.
Do not replace the AX7's. I replaced all of the tubes, but quickly put the AX7's back in; that was on my Prologue 6.
I have the Prima Luna Prologue premium... reviews on it are pretty accurate... plays best at moderate to loud volumes and a little bass shy at the bottom if you use the integrated pre section. These go away if you use a better pre with the home theater input (pre bypass) and subbing 12AT7 for 12AU7 in front socket does help improve dynamic separation. Reviews on the Dialogue all talk to deeper bass and black space... if you have source and speakers of equal quality I wouldn't hesitate. Do upgrade to NOS tubes and better power tubes... the stock PL tubes are pleasant but a little grainy in sound and not detailed.
prima luna has announced that they support KT-120 in all their KT-88 compatible amps now. Got mine yesterday and after a few hours of rocky break in they proved wonderful for bass slam and dynamic openness. Don't think I'm putting the KT-88's back in anytime soon
I'm a former Hollywood film composer and sound mixer, and the Dialogue Premium fitted with matched Tung Sol KT120's, coupled with the Prima Luna Classic Tube CD player, driving a pair of Martin Logan Electrostatic hybrids, is the equal to the best 2 channel analog system I've ever heard (Krell-Apogee) at less than 1/4 the cost. I have two SVS 13" Ultra sealed Subwoofers hooked up thru the Dialogue Sub out, crossing over at 40hz,, and the combo was absolutely gripping. Tremendous transient detail, but with a creamy liquid center. I literally can't wait to wake up, turn the Prima Luna gear on, let it warm up for 15 minutes over the paper and a cup of coffee, and spend the morning re-discovering my CD collection for the first time.... 5 stars across the board!
I started with a Prologue 2 and upgraded to a Dialogue 2. I love the flexibility of the triode/ultra linear mode and use it often depending on the music I am playing. Increasing the volume in triode mode on some music has a major impact on space between the instruments, soundstage, and naturalness of the voice and instruments.
All I can say is I love by DiaLogue Two which I purchased used. Ask Upscale Audio to let you konw when a used one becomes available, you will not be disappointed. Great value.