Prima Luna Dialogue 3 or Cary SLP 98L?

I'm choosing between a new Prima Luna Dialogue 3 and a used Cary SLP 98L. I'd be grateful for recommendations. It will be mated with a Prima Luna Prologue 5 amp and Sim Audio Mood 100 D dac. I listen primarily to jazz and blues. I lean to the Prima Luna because of the incredible reviews. Thanks so much for the advice.
I should have also mentioned that the speakers will be Von Scheikert VR 22. Thanks again.
I would go for the Cary, but then I'm biased, owning a SLP-98P F1. You may get more synergy with the Prima Luna and your Prima Luna amp.
I'm also biased to the Cary SLP 98. I also own a Prima Luna Dialogue One integrated, use the SLP with my Cary v12 amp. As stated above, the PL3 might have more synergy with PL amp. Good luck.
Cary slp98, no question. I'm biased as well.
Haven't heard the PrimaLuna, but must chime in on the Cary - especially the F1 version (direct-coupled with PIO caps) - superb for the coin.
All members give a answer without listen the dialgue 3.
I have a dialgue 3 and I listen to the cary98 .
the dialgue 3 is better in any field.
and you can take him where do you want with change the tubes.