Prima Luna Dialog 3 vs Dialog Premium

I just heard a system using the primaluna premium.
Very organic and removed the digital glare I've been looking for
And still was extended in highs and lows without becoming soft, but digital glare is gone.
I am thinking of the Dialog 3 as a used option vs Premium.

What are the sonic differences between the 2 units?

NOT an owner of a PL pre, but have been enjoying PL gear(Dialogue HP Intgd)

Unless you MUST have the current model, D3 used, and splurge on nice glass.
A better bang for your buck for 1/2 (or less)the retail.A used Prologue Premium will save a couple more bucks.
Dialogue level PL gear just makes whatever source sound good for a reasonable cost.
Blame setup,room,speakers,source,cable,etc for whatever you feel is deficient.

I've heard PL setups with some of the best everything. I don't hear another $500K better in the mega systems. 

Kevin, the distributor is the source for facts on PL.
The Dialogue Premium pre-amp is a step up from the Dialogue P3 in terms of performance and flexibility / utilization.
Here's a link that depicts internal components/circuits used in the Premium. So It's dependent on you and if you want the best or  would rather settle for the lesser to save money.
I personally would select the better of the two. Even though more costly then the Dialogue P3, the Dialogue Premium is still a high value component, and I think with enough looking and time you can probably find one used, if you want to save some cash.
I saw where there's a listing for the Dialogue Premium Amp in usaudiomart.  An option would be to run an "Wanted Ad" for the Pre-amp in usaudiomart (free)

If you go to the Primaluna web site, you can download Owner/Operator Manuals for both the Dialogue Three and the Dialogue Premium. Both have a description of parts used and specifications that you can compare.
time to pounce is NOW

fair price, and if you don't like it, you should be able to get your money back reselling it. If I was looking I would grab this.
It would probably be interesting knowing what you decide on to purchase