Prima Luna amplifier mains cap upgrade?

Has anyone on this forum researched upgrading the mains cap's for the Prima Luna series? From web site photos and from inspection of the Prima Luna Premium integrated I have, it looks like all the amps use Nichicon polarized electrolytic NX series, screw terminal caps. In the model I have the value is 330uf 500v. Thinking about replacing these with Clarity cap non polarized film TC series 340uf 700v. Since these are power supply caps across the bridge diodes my assumption is replacing polarized electrolytics with non polarized film caps is safe/beneficial but looking for input from any others who have done like mods.
It should work fine if you have the room. I prefer to use poly caps when possible. Another interesting candidate would be the new Wima cap from Mouser 505-DCP6-330/1500/10