Prima Luna amp or preamp best speaker -Help

Any suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.
I am considering the Prima Luna (either amp at 40wpc, or preamp at 35wpc) and I'd like to know what my audio brothers and sisters would consider to be a great speaker to match. Needless to say, good sonics, timber and soundstage are most desirable.
My system is: Music Hall ttable, Meridian CD, BAT 3i pre, Aragon 4004 mkII amp and Avalon Eclipse (originals, not classics). I once borrowed a pair of BAT VK60 monos and I loved the tube sound- sweet, glorious midrange, smooth highs, bass was good. Room is 24X13X8', normal furnishing, no audio treatments. I listen to lots of vinyl and CD (60/40%), rock, jazz, bluegrass, world and a little classical.
I doubt that the mentioned Prima Luna would drive the power hungry Avalons, that is why I seek your advise.
My reasons for considering the Prima Lunas are: longing for that tube sound, price for new amp is reasonable, warranty.

Thanks, happy listening!
Just wait a little bit longer! Prima Luna has just introduced mono tube amps called SIX(EL34s,70w/ch) and SEVEN(KT88s,72w/ch) and they will be on USA market in one month or so. Normal stereo models FOUR and FIVE are to weak for your Avalon's. Look also at the used market for BAT VK60-maybe you could find it for a good price.
Happy hunting!
Try the PLs with the Avalons. These amps are surprisingly powerful. See if it works before you buy new speakers. I'm currently using a Prologue 2 to drive AP Virgo IIs and haven't noticed any serious deficiencies with either EL34 or KT88 tubes in the P2.
Thanks for your help/suggestions. Exciting and interesting to hear that PL will be out with the 70-72 wpc amps. May be what I need for the Avalons which I absolutely LOVE.
As mentioned, I tried the VK-60s and they were indeed a very nice match with beautiful midrange. But the 60s I had (which belonged to a friend who let me use them while he remodeled his house) were very "tweaky" and, still are in that they sometimes emit "hiss" sounds from the speakers- could be tubes failing. My buddy is constantly changing tubes and trying to isolate hissing. This doesn't seem to bother him too much, but it would drive me nuts. I just want to enjoy the music and not bother with problems.
Therefore, I'd like to try something new and with warranty. Hence, the Prima Lunas.
Your advise to wait a couple months for the 70 wpc is well taken. I hope to have a review then as to how they match the Avalons. Any more info is greatly appreciated.
I'm curious about the new Prima Luna preamps too, as I've been considering the 3 to match with an Aragon 8008BB poweramp. Point taken re the relative power imbalance.

Where can one find out about the new Prima Luna preamps? There is not one word on their website about this.

If you're in Oregon, by the way, where are you listening to this equipment? I live in Oregon and would like to know of an outlet/showroom that has Prima Luna equipment.
Upscale Audio is probably the closest source to you, but they're in CA.

I believe they are the NA distributor. If anyone will know about the new models coming out it will be Kevin Deal.
The only Prima Luna dealer that I know of is Kevin Deal ( in California. I called them and the word is that PL will have monoblocks on the market in a month- 70watts???
Unfortunately, I have not heard any PL units- amps, preamps, nor integrated, but many reviewers rave about these Chinese units (and the price is very reasonable).
I am in Portland. Where are you located? I'd like to get together with others interested in music/audio to compare and learn.
Stereotypes in Portland is now an authorized PrimaLuna dealer. Nice folks with a terrific reputation.