Prima Luna 1/2 or 5 for Totem's Mite??

Hi guys,
I have a pair of Mites currently powered by Cambridge Audio 640A, it sounds good but not as good as I wish. The biggest problem is the treble seems forward too much that gives me a headache all the time. I've contacted Totem but their suggestions seems too expensive for me. I heard some good words about Prima Luna amps (I and II) but I can't find a dealer to demo them in Vancouver, B.C. So what will you think about this combination? Or there are any other suggestions? My budget is around C$2000.

My equipment are:
Rega Planet 2000 CD Player
Van Den Hul Integration Interconnect Cable
DH Labs Power+ power cord to Rega
Kimber 4PR speaker cable
D.I.Y Power cord to Cambridge 640A

Any inputs will be appreciated,

I would replace internal wiring first before going crazy with new amplification. Tube gear will certainly mellow the high end.
I ran my Totem Arros with a Prologue Two in a small room and the sound was absolutely fabulous! If your room in not 'large' I would highly recommend you giving the Two a shot with your Mites!
To Celtic66:
Which internal wire we talking about? Amp or speaker? Since I'm not really a cable crazy guy and dont really believe that cable are making HUGE different to the sounding.

For 2k, you can do much better than the primaLuna. Look at some stuff from Rogue, CJ, other US MFGS. Buy used it will give you great bang for your buck.

Thanks for the info. I'll try Prologue Two if I could find one, but I'm really in love with a single-ended 845 power amp. :-)
Prologue is an entry product. You can do so much better for the same money. The Rogue cronus at 1795.00 list is far supperior. Hand Built in the USA.

Care to elaborate as to why the Rogue is superior?
Higher build quality, better parts hand made in USA.
S.G.D, what was Totem's recommendation with the Mite's? Just curious.