Prima 24/192 How good does it really sound

i am looking into a new CDP,I listen to ALL types of music. I have focus f688 monitors and an Sim I-5. Anyone done an a/b Prima 24/192 vs sim nova? I am concerned that the Prima 24/192 (being tubed) will not have the accurate mid to high freq. that i desire. Any info on the Prima 24/192 would be a great help
I own the Prima. You can relax. Forget about those concerns of yours. The Prima will deliver. One beautiful player. Accurate? Top to bottom. AND sweet with those little tubes. 90% of its' big bother. This baby will go tete a tete with players costing twice as much. peace, warren
Warren, what types of music do you listen to?
Jazz!! But I can, and do, everything. And so can the Prima.
I could not say it any better than Warrenh did. It does perform. Mine is about 2 years old and I have no complaints. I too listen to Jazz with a little R&B. I really believe this cdp was made for this kind of music because every single detail gets picked up. Get a better power cord and IC, sounds even better. Can't go wrong unless you want to spend a lot more$.
I demoed the prima and the granite audio tube cd players at the same time. At first the prima was hands down the winner but on about the 12th day of going back and forth the granite audio player broke out the bass just come on strong smooth and tight it was way ahead of the prima then the mids and highs also filled in so that in almost all of my music the granite player exceeded the prima. I play alot of new age, piano,guitar, and vocals like Eva Cassidy and Jennifer Warnes. If I were you I'd get both these on loan like I did so you will have no regrets. Granite Audio has a 30 day return policy and I found a prima dealer who gave me the same policy unfortunitly i like the granite better by far and returned the prima. Good Luck Hunting
So you liked the prima for the first 11 days then the granite exceeded the prima on the 12th day, was this because of the equipment used with the players or the type of music being demoed?
The equipment was the same at all times A 505 B&K reciever and JmLabs utopia altos. And I listen to the same music on both players with exact same wires and every thing. Most times I would play a few tracks on a cd then play the same tracks on the other player. I'm no expert but I did what I could to make fair comparisons. I like my money to much not to do some research and experimentation.