Pricing/selling Axiom 5.1 speaker set (v2 versions/10yrs old)

Hi everyone,

Just hoping to get some advice on selling my Axiom 5.1 set. I'm moving overseas this summer and unfortunately will have to part with it. I'm trying to find a good home for this wonderful set, but not sure what they're even worth any more. 

I've had it for about 10 years and they're in great condition. I live in Jersey City. Will try Craigslist and such, but wanted to check in with people here. Would like to put it up on Audiogon as well, but I can't exactly ship this system.

Anyway, here are the components, cherry finish. (If more detail is needed, please let me know.)
m60 v2
vp150 v2
EP500 v2
QS8 v2 with stands

Any advice greatly appreciated.



@solaris-irae  Have you looked in our Bluebook for the value of these items?  Contact me, at [email protected]  Attn: Tammy if you have any questions.
A’Gon Bluebook, like the admin brought up.
Abusing the forum to sell something? Most of us frown on that. Axiom is a low end product, very bright system. IMHO...been there done that.
Thanks for the replies. Sorry about that. I'll check the bluebook. International move and things are just piling up. (Posted before reading the rules carefully. 

Admin, you may delete this post. Thank you.

It was his first post, I've never heard it but hear it's good bang for buck, no need to insult his gear 812. Solaris might be better to try Audio Circle forum they may be more familiar with your speaker, good luck

I just sold a pair of M60v3 for $700 . Minneapolis , Mn Market . 50% off retail is a safe bet. 

paulcreed ...axiom is one of those that do not hold any value. I would not offer any info to how bad they depreciate due to the forum rules. One thing for sure, the resell value is not going to be nice to the OP. I kind of feel bad for him, to be honest.
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