Pricing of Vintage Equipment

I have some older/vintage audio equipment that I can no longer use to the capacity I used to, due to moving from a single-family home to a condo with common walls. I went to a trusted a/v shop to get some advice on where to advertise and pricing.  Both employees overwhelmingly said to go to to sell, but weren't willing to offer any pricing help, since the equipment is old and neither was familiar with any of my equipment.

After signing up for an Audiogon account a couple months back, I'm finally getting around to posting. All of my equipment is in exceptionally good condition (both working and visually), and I am the original purchaser of everything and I have the original boxes for most everything and original manuals and documentation.

The items I am going to part with first are:

1. Infinity Reference Standard 8 Kappa speakers

2. Infinity Compositions 3-way Center Channel P-CC speaker

3. Miller & Kreisel (MK) Powered Subwoofer MX-125

At a later date, I anticipate selling my Sony ES pre-amp. amp and stereo am/fm tuner, and replace with a single receiver, but just can't part with them yet, plus I need to do some research before buying..

I have no idea what value to attach to them, assuming they are in demand.  I have been out of the a/v market for decades, and realize asking potential buyers to help price my items is a little unorthodox, but would anyone be willing to provide some much needed guidance on pricing?

Thanks in advance.