Pricing Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-VI speakers

I have two pairs of speakers for sale:
Dunlavy Audio Labs SC-VI
Martin Logan Monolith III. Endeavoring to ascertain a fair market price.
I believe $3-4 a pound is going rate for large Dunlavy speakers.  

In all seriousness, the pricing is probably going to be more determined by if the drivers have been replaced and the distance from you for any purchaser.  Realistically, the cost of shipping is going to be so high, that your potential pool of buyers are going to limited to those who have the ability to pick them up in person.  
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I think the IVA weigh in @ 180lb each.
The VI weigh over 500 pounds each.  They really were great speakers.  The difficulty with them now is the drivers were custom and I believe there are no perfect replacements.  
Well, now we need to know.  How much did you get?
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What was the selling price on the Dunlavy speakers and was it a local sale?